Christmas Lights a-go-go

Tonight the Lance kids hopped in the suburban for the yearly look-at-lights ride around Gilroy. Rory was kind enough to stay home and watch his DVR’d shows…I mean the baby while I went with my fam. Don’t feel bad for him. We wouldn’t have fit in the car anyways.

Wow it’s snowing! nah, just the flash going off in the rain.

The 12 days of Christmas house. The only house I really care about seeing!

Kind of a fun house…I got some good ideas for decorating our house, er, next year. We didn’t quite get lights up this year. What with work, a baby, church callings, and this little thing we call life…kinda got in the way. You understand. :-)


  1. Love the effects the rain has on Christmas light pic’s. That was soooo nice of Rory to entertain Sadie so you could have a night on the town;0)

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