Can you
guess what we did tonight?

Graham cracker houses! It’s a Lance family tradition…and Rory and I hosted for the first time!

All of us hard at work on our structures…I cheat and use a box. Engineer, I am not.

How we fit everyone and all that candy in our kitchen/family room is quite the feat! Oh, and Joanna, your smile is dorky.

Mine…I always make the same house, different decor. I covered mine in candy this year. YUM!

Rory made this awesome train, with expandable track feature.

Jarom and Steph made a pretty accurate “model” of the super cute gazebo where he proposed to her, complete with diamond ring! CLick on the pic, it’s huge and you can’t miss it! hehe


  1. Your house is very reminiscent of the house the witch lived in that wanted to eat Hansel and Gretel. Hmm…

  2. How fun! We need to make gingerbread houses now…you have inspired me!! :)

  3. I love it that everyone is so creative with their graham crackers and candy;0)

  4. K, you guys just do all the Christmas stuff and I’ll watch. Ready? – GO!

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