Couldn’t think of a title today…too much thinking is not good for you! Today Sadie and I slept in a bit in the morning, it was soo nice! Then later we headed up to Morgan Hill to have lunch with Daddy and of course, a trip to Joann’s! They were having a Simplicity pattern sale-5 for $5!! yup, so if you sew, get your booty over to a Joann’s before they sell out! I got some clothing patterns and some stuffed animal patterns. All for Sadie of course. I don’t sew for myself. Except the occasional headband or skirt or coaster. But you can’t wear those! Anyways, we went to Chipotle again for lunch…yum! We headed back around two, and she slept on the way home but hadn’t really taken a good nap yet. I thought, oh she’ll sleep well once we get home. Nope! She stayed wide awake and cried and whined for the good part of an hour. I kept thinking, here’s a lull in the noise, she’ll crash now. nope. Oh well. Eventually she did nap later, but on my lap. I have got to train (teach, I mean teach,) this girl to take naps in her crib! argh. lol. She has before, it’s just a consistency issue. Whatever! You know what are the best things ever? Those tortillas you get from Costco and cook at home. Since I can’t make tortillas, these are the closest thing I will get to fresh ones! We used to make them in Utah, but Rory swore them off after he got stuck doing all the rolling out. (Hey! I’m the one who cooks them) Ohhh yum. And the leftover filling from the empanadas last night were pretty darn good in a quesadilla. Yumm. Speaking of yumm…

Isn’t my little monkey just delicious!?


  1. Aww so cute:) Yesterday Jacquie and I had a girl’s day out and spent a few hours shopping at 2 Goodwill stores. I am not as lucky as you, but I did get a really cute salsa bowl and a sweet pair of jeans!

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