Relaxin’ and Scrapbookin’

Today was one of those days. You know, when you don’t change out of your PJ’s? (I did take a shower though) It was laundry day. Janae came over after lunch and hung out with Sadie and I. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I tried to explain the characters and plot lines of Grey’s Anatomy to her. (didn’t work) She had a blast playing with the Sadester, and Sadie did too!

All smiles in Aunt Nae Nae’s favorite outfit


Later, Julia came over to scrapbook, as part of her birthday present. I gave her a bunch of supplies that she had a blast using. She’s already made a bunch of pages! It was really nice for me, Janae took over a lot of baby duty so I could concentrate and work on some Sadie pages. I actually got 3 done that I really am happy with! I have been having a scrapbook mojo drought, so it was nice to get a little of my groove back! I will post them tomorrow when there’s better light.

Go Julia! Such a good little scrapbooker.

Go zebra! oh, I mean Janae.

Doesn’t she look so cute standing up?!

After a bit of scrapbooking and listening to the High School Musical 3 sound track (way fun!), Sadie had too much excitement and pooed her pants. haha. The girls of course were thrilled to pick out a new outfit for her!

Outfit #1: Urkel style! pLus, the pink and purple look awesome together. haha.

Outfit #2: Much cuter!

She likes her Tabby kitty that Julia gave her. She was grabbing at it and staring it in the face for quite awhile. Sooo cute!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I can’t wait til we can have craft days when i live there! it’ll be so great!!! :) Sadie’s getting so big and just gosh darn cute!!!!

  2. you’ll be happy to know my desktop is now “Sadie purple.” I squeal
    “that’s my bebes!” when I look at it, then say, “You don’t even KNOW you’re my bebes!” I’ve gotta hook up with you two SOON!

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