Pizza and playtime!

Today was Monday Morning Mommy day, or whatever you want to call it. We gave up on scrapbooking being our “title”, but we are thinking of expanding into other crafts…preferably something we can do while watching the wee ones. Speaking of the wee ones, aren’t they cute?

This is the only one Sadie didn’t look grumpy in. haha. She’s sitting up way better in the Bumbo also! Much better than her Quasimodo impression last time. It will be fun when she gets old enough to play with Payton and Gage!

Tonight I made homemade pizza for dinner. I’m still hammering out my recipe, and this time it was fabulously delicious! Third time’s the charm! Rory enjoyed his bo-ring cheese pizza…haha. jk hun.

Janae and I made BBQ chicken pizzas! Mine was with the Devil’s Spit BBQ sauce from Famous Dave’s…yum! Courtenay and Jarom, do you remember when we had that BBQ sauce on the plate and were tasting all the different kinds there? hehe…yum!

I am either vexed by my pizza or in disbelief at how good it is.

Then while I was putting Sadie to bed, Rory and Janae had an intense standoff involving the camera and a burpcloth. I am not sure on all the details. Maybe who has the best poker face?

And…Janae made me my name in chocolate…something she had been talking about doing since Sunday…(which in Janae time, is FOREVER)


FUn day.


  1. You make me want to be more domestic…all of your crafts and baking and home decorating, etc. You make it look so fun! Now if I could just find the time!

  2. SO I know Payton’s Aunt. I just went to her baby shower on Saturday. Crazy, huh?

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