oh, fun times!

Cassy and Rayne came down to play today, and when I say play, I mean Cassy and I had a massive craving for spinach dip, so it was all an elaborate ruse to get her down here. haha. just kidding. The kiddos had fun! Mostly Rayne brought Sadie toys and tried to give her the pacifier. We watched The Little Mermaid, which is my favorite Disney movie, but we had only recently bought it. It’s the first movie I remember seeing in a movie theater. My mom stopped the school bus on the way home after school that afternoon, to get me, because we were going to be late, I think. Ahh…childhood memories! Back to present time. Rayne loves The Little Mermaid, so she was transfixed…well, so were we. Sadie even watched her favorite song…Part of your world. Cassy and I even tried making a chocolate souffle, but it didn’t…souf. haha. oh well, it tasted good. Another day, another souffle!

Awww cute kiddos!

Awww….crazy spinach ladies

Look at that silly grin!

I busted out the wooden letters I found awhile ago, and of course we had to spell the girls names out. So sweet!


  1. Such CUTE girls! I love that shot of them together!!!

  2. We have the cutest kids!

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