O Christmas Tree…

First, a little something to start off the holiday season with a laugh!

Since there are only like 4 weeks til Christmas…we were full throttle today setting up our decorations and getting our tree…

Of course, it’s a Lance family tradition to get our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Sorry about the windblown hair and Rory’s lack of haircut. He’s so scruffy and stubborn.

Sadie loves her carrier now that she can see over the top…lol.

A nice guy took this pretty good shot of us all, including our cousin Joseph and Steph!

Our finished (real) tree….it doesn’t have enough lights to really show up well, I will have to take another pic sometime...it really is pretty! We have a fake one that we decorated too and put in the front window. We’re so fancy!


  1. How fun to go pick out a Christmas tree! What a great tradition! We put our tree up today, too. Fun stuff!

    As always, Sadie is a cutie!

  2. Your Christmas T’s on itsy are adorable:) I love the antlers and your fun family tree adventure! We too have decked the halls;)

  3. Nice antlers, Sadie! haha!

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