I love my bebe

My bebe can roll to her side now! She does it all the time, and can roll from her tummy to back if prodded enough! ( I have to tie my hands behind my back sometimes)

Look at that sweet smile!

hehe apparently rolling over is hilarious!

I got this new book for my birthday, so I’m working on some ornaments! Cute, no?

I had pretty much given up on country music…but I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift for the past two days, so I guess it’s not all bad! haha. I used to listen to country a lot actually. (oftentimes on Saturday mornings…haha) Rory and I went shopping for CANDY for our graham cracker house tradition…we got A LOT. Jarom and Steph are on their way here as we speak from Idaho, and tomorrow the Thanksgiving cooking starts! At least for me, I’m getting a head start on my pie and cranberry sauce. (I’m sorry, my Chanberries, for those of you Friends fans.) hehe.


  1. Yeah, you gotta watch Thanksgiving episodes of Friends and Gilmore Girls. Deep-fried shoe, deep-fried shoe!!

  2. Sadie is too cute! Yum, I have a pie in the oven right now;) Let the cooking begin!

  3. What a cutie! Ella is rolling both ways now. Just this morning she rolled from back to stomach. Our girls are growing up way too fast!

    LOVE that ornament! So cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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