Can I come over and play?

Today Sadie and I went up to San Jose to make bread at Cassy’s, but it ended up being more like play day for everyone! I had a blast playing around with Rayne, and also having some grown up talking time with Cass once Rayne went down for her nap. Sadie was so cute, she crashed for her nap right on her changing mat. At least she’s not picky about where she sleeps! The bread was yummy, and we also ate more of my cake balls and some yummy orange cheesecake that Cassy made. I still have more of those cake balls….come and get some if you want. (you might have to fight Rory for them though)

Rayne got to hold Sadie by herself! (almost, I cropped my hand out of the picture, hehe) It’s so cute, Rayne calls her Sadie Baby…awww

Sadie chilling on Rayne’s old play mat. She loved it!

Rayne was styling my hair-it was pretty….stylin. She was also having fun climbing all over me…I just love her energy!

Watching over Sadie Baby…


  1. Geez, you’re always baking. Come stay at my house for a while. You can bring your cute Sadie baby and make me cake balls. He he he.

  2. What a fun day! Love the nickname Sadie Baby–so cute!

  3. That was fun. Rayne definitely has a lot of energy! Next time it’s spinach dip at your house. Yum-O!

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