Today I….

Today I packed Sadie up and FINALLY went to this breastfeeding support group with my friend Kim up in Morgan Hill. It was great, they had a lot of discussion and question and answer stuff, I was content to listen and absorb all the handy information! They also had a scale there…dum dum dum, my baby is getting so big! She weighed 11 lbs 7 oz! What a chubbs! lol. I can’t believe she’s already 7 weeks old almost. It’s crazy how fast it actually does go!

My lil one with her new personalized onesie. Ooo so stylish! (what a little stink, sticking her tongue out at us. The nerve!)

After the class we headed to Joann’s fabrics for some misc restocking. I’m starting my etsy shop back up a bit, so I needed some stuff. I also picked up a cool herb growing kit…hopefully it will….grow! I’ve gotten better with my green thumb, it’s a bit less…not green. (lol) As long as I remember to water stuff I do pretty well. (that IS the secret right? duh, Jess) Then we picked up Dad and got some lunch from Chipotle, and enjoyed it back at the shop. Aunt NaNa, and Uncle Jarom, who both work there, wouldn’t have it any other way! Joanna was trying to brainwash her by telling her she was her favorite aunt. Muwahaha. Now we’re just chilling out, and I’m putting off sewing up a few shirts and eating some Ghiradelli chocolate chips. fun day! hehe


  1. Super Sadie! hehe. Cute shirt. When we come over Friday I want to see your new fabric! Ahh… remember when we used to do that with scrapbooking paper?

  2. We do not have Chipotle, just thought ya might want to know that. Sadie is looking very trendy in her monogramed onsie!

  3. What a cute pic of Sadie! Love her little tongue sticking out and what a cute onesie! Ella’s a little chunk, too–eleven pounds, five ounces. Gotta love baby chub, right? 😉

  4. So cute! Hope you didn’t buy out JoAnn’s…love that store! I found a fabric boutique here in Utah. It may well turn out to be my demise!!

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