Sadie’s Blessing day!

Today was Sadie’s blessing day. It was a beautiful day for a blessing! (Albeit very cold. brrr) She looked so sweet in her pretty white dress. My mom made it from her wedding dress! Isn’t that cool? It was so cute and she looked like a princess. Rory gave a beautiful blessing and you could feel the Spirit. She of course was very good until the last hour but oh well.

The whole gang, well, not Chris and Cassy they left early. I’m assuming because of Rayne and not because they decided they didn’t really want to talk to us. But who knows? lol.

Mommy and her princess

Auntie NaNa snapped this pic.

The sky was soo pretty and bright blue!

On an entirely different and random note, my green thumb has healed! My herbs started sprouting this week! Rory noticed before me, I wasn’t expecting them to grow for awhile. The cilantro is doing the best, and hey! I love cilantro so that’s good.

Grow little herbs, grow!


  1. Hi! I’m your dad’s cousin Kathryn (Margarets Daughter). I told your Grandma that I blurk your blog and have never left a comment and promised I would :) You have a fun family and it’s been fun to catch glimpses of people I haven’t seen for a long time. Take care and I’ll be reading!

  2. What a fun day!!! I heard it was great! Sadie is SO beautiful! i can’t wait to meet her…in 9 1/2 days!!!! hahah Yes, i’m counting! The Renaissance Fair looks so fun! Jarom looks real excited about it, or really confused! Maybe he wasn’t sure if he was having fun or not!Ha Thanks for the link! I checked it out right away and laughed pretty hard! You guys were a couple of hotties! I do love your shoes and I really love how Jarom’s shirt is tucked into his pants!!! hahah that made me giggle! Anyway, i don’t get to check blogs very often so this one is kind of long because i’m catching up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!! I’m so glad you’re so good at blogging! I’ll see you in 9 1/2 days!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!!

  3. Looks like you all had a great day and Sadie looks beautiful in her blessing dress! Ella’s blessing day is coming right up, too. Can you believe how fast time flies?!

  4. She is so cute! Yeah, uh, we might have stayed had you told us there were going to be pictures! hehe. Well, and if Rayne wasn’t being so loud. Well, we’ll have plenty of snapshot times to come.

  5. P.S. Taht dress was beautiful and she did such a good job during her blessing! You guys are such a cute family!

  6. So exciting! Sadie looks beautiful in her dress. You are so lucky with all your family close by. Good memories to cherish.

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