Happy Birthday Rayne!

Saturday was Rayne’s second birthday party, but today is her actual birthday, sooo Cassy tell her from Caca and Rory and Sadie-

Happy Birthday Rayne!

The theme was Princesses, and Cassy made a super cute pink crown cake (which yours truly frosted) and fun food that you can see on her blog. The spinach dip was YUM. I think I ate half of it! lol. Rory enjoyed the candy and held Sadie most of the time while I helped Cassy with the food. What a good daddy! Rayne got a lot of fun stuff! We got her a fairy dress up outfit complete with wings… it was soo cute! Her favorite was a pair of pink plastic heels-what a girly girl!

Sadie was very excited. She got her very own crown!

Pink fairy wings?! What more could a little girl want?


  1. That was such a fun and exhausting day. Next will be your turn for Sadie’s 1st birthday!

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