Good to be home

Oh boy it is good to be home. I’ve never been one to relish the end of a vacation, in fact the end usually is downright depressing, but vacations/trips with a baby seem to be of a different caliber. lol. It was super fun and she was really good, but I was glad to get back to normalcy, for Sadie and for me. Her schedule is still a little wonky, but we’ll get it worked out soon.

Tonight we’re carving up our jack-o-lanterns with my family, and their homestay student from Japan. This is the fourth (fifth?) time they’ve had them stay at the house, and they love it. She is a sweetheart and gave us all these adorable little kitty cat charms. I should get a pic of mine. We’re going to hang them on our Christmas tree!

Sooo….poor Jarom. Stephanie left this morning and he’s so sad. Luckily she’s coming down again for Thanksgiving so it will only be one month apart this time. Still…we miss you Steph. You keep Jarom happy! So get your cute butt down here already. haha. And now, for some Sadie eye candy:

Dontcha just want to kiss those
chubby cheeks all day long? Too bad! They’re mine!

smiley girl!


  1. She is always just soooo cute!

  2. SOOOO cute, she is such a doll!

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