Carving pumpkins…woo hoo!

Well, it’s that time of year again folks. Pumpkin carving time!

Of course, Sadie had to have a cute
pumpkin shirt in order to fully celebrate!

The boys
hard at work. Notice Josh’s pumpkin has a knife in it’s head. Nice.

Smile honey, this one’s going on the blog!

L-R: Julia’s
puppy, Josh’s stabbing victim, and Janae’s one toothed wonder. (it was supposed to have buck teeth but she cut one of them off or something)

We did a little pumpkin for Sadie and Rory did one with some crazy eyes but we didn’t get to light them up, so I’ll take some pics tonight!

Happy carving everyone!


  1. Sadie doesn’t look so in the Halloween Spirit. Maybe you should give her a time out so that she can think about what it means to be a happy baby. Cute shirt btw!

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  3. So now that I am active on blogspot, I can post comments! Yay! I love your family, immediate and extended :)
    “This one’s going on the blog!” HAHA!

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