So…not much to blog about the past two days. Monday I….forget what I did. What did I do? Oh yes, scrapbooking in the morning and early afternoon-I actually finished a page this time! Of course, it was half finished from last time, but oh well…Then I watched Chocolat (haven’t seen it? You should. Two words. Johnny. Depp.), and played with bebe the rest of the day. Joanna came over for the first time in like, 17 days. We watched Prison Break (or PB as we like to call it) She knows my weakness though…chocolate raisins from Target. Only the Target brand though. She brought me some, and yeah, they’re already almost gone. Oh well. Oh, and I got shelves in my crafty room! We went to Home Depot and picked some out, they look good and are so nice for holding all my fabric where I can see it!

Today I went for a walk with Kim and Payton, and then went to lunch at Erik’s Deli with my mom. YUmm. Then we hit up Target and scored some deals! I got this awesome lamp, originally $60, for $15! I know the shade is ugly, but it was on sale for $3. I’ll probably cover it with fabric or paint it, whichever is easier. Does anyone have any tips?

Rory’s not sure he likes it, but guess what? I’m the one who decorates. muwahaha. jk hun. Go shopping with me more. I’ve mainly been looking forward to Disneyland! It will be so fun to see Jarom’s fiance Stephanie again and for Sadie and Ezra (her cousin) to meet! It’s strange packing for another person (besides Rory), and I hope I don’t forget anything important. 😀

This video is a cute one of Rory and Sadie. The other male voice you hear is Uncle Jarom. She is so cute!


  1. That video is the CUTEST thing ever! I love Sadie’s big smiles!

  2. Hey I just saw Sadie’s birth announcement in Cadi’s gallery…Sooo cute! I love the design and fonts you used…and of course, that sweet pic of Sadie!

  3. Sadie looks like she wants to just laugh out loud! Hooray for Disneyland in 2 days! Can’t wait!!

  4. The video of Sadie and Rory is so, so cute! Courtenay and I were exclaiming over its cuteness!! Nice lamp…I actually LIKE the shade! I saw on Trading Spaces a cool idea. The guy covered the shade with cute wall paper. You’d probably have to remove the original shade because of the design.

  5. I love your video clip:) I am thinking paint the shade Chocolate brown and then add a stamped border or a fabric border in a vanilla color:) Stampin’ Up has a craft ink in Vanilla that looks great on chocolate brown. Check out there Decor Elements at Catalog button on top of page. You could do black and white too, just depending on where the lamp is going to go. O.K. enough of me! Have fun being creative I am sure your lamp shade will be gorgious when you are finished:)

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