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So after careful consideration and analysis of the poll, we decided to go against popular vote and NOT dress our child as a lobster for Halloween. It would have been funny, yes. Sorry to whoever voted for that. lol. We decided….drumroll….on the Hershey’s kiss costume. She’ll be adorable I think!
Sooo….that FB friday picture was of…! I thought it looked a bit like Sadie. It will be fun as she grows up, to see which of her features come from Rory or from me. I think it just takes awhile to tell. She had on a really cute dress today for church, so I just HAD to take some pictures.

So serious in her pretty purple dress.

ALmost a smile….

There we go! Is she not the cutest?

In other news, Rory got a calling for church, he will be the Varsity Scout coach, and the first counselor in the Young Men’s presidency here in Gilroy. The bishop hinted that I would have a calling soon too. Please, something reasonably easy! hehe. I also have been addressing and putting together Sadie’s birth announcements, they’re soo cute! I will post a pic of them once they’re out in the mail. We had some friends we knew from Utah that are living out in Modesto, Jessi and James, come visit today while they were down here in Gilroy. It was fun to catch up, and they got to see our house, and Sadie of course. Lindsey, we decided we all have to get together for dinner somewhere in the middle of all of us sometime. Ok? Ok. hehe. I’m also working on getting my crafty room set up again so that I can get sewing again for my shop in my free time. haha. what’s that? Also…we are excited for a trip we are taking next month to Disneyland!

We are going for the Phoenix DeVentures company picnic, it’s become somewhat of a tradition, since this is the third time we have gone, I believe. It may be interesting with a 2 month old, we’ll just take it slow and enjoy the time there. I love the ambiance of Disneyland as much as the rides. I’ve gotta go on Indiana Jones though. Last time it broke down right before me and Cassy were going to go on it. (remember? that stunk.) lol. Sadie even has a special Minnie Mouse onesie to wear that Aunt NaeNae and Nana got her when they went earlier this year. It’s so crazy how fast this year has flown by! Soon it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving (and my birthday, woot woot), then before you know it, we’ll be singing Christmas carols and eating candy canes. I’m so excited for Sadie’s first Christmas. I know she won’t really know what’s going on, but it will be fun nonetheless. 😀

Anyways, Rory is waiting for me…we’re gonna watch a movie and eat the peanut butter brownies he made. YUM!


  1. We should totally all meet and hang out! We’re free most weekends. Are you out and about with your baby these days? Oooooh, that would be so dang fun!!! How is everything else with you guys?

  2. Yeah I remember, that totally sucked! But we will be able to sucker the boys into taking the kids so we can be revenged! Haha! Uh…Sadie’s cute.

  3. Jess, I just wanted to give you a heads up about taking an infant to Disneyland… We took Jacob when he was two months old and he was fine. They have a baby center where you can change her and nurse her and get diapers and such. You also need to take advantage of the rider swap program, that lets one of you go on the ride and then when you are done the other person goes on the ride with no or just a little wait. You can google rider swap and get more details. Also a front carrier is really handy for getting on and off rides with her without taking her out of the stroller every time.

  4. Sadie is soooo cute! I love her huge grins! I can’t wait til Ella starts smiling like that! And what a cute dress! Yesterday was Ella’s first day at church…I’ll have to post some pics of her in her dress, too.

    I think Sadie will make an adorable Hershey’s kiss! How fun! My kids are all being bugs…so Ella will be a bee. :)

    I hope you have fun at Disneyland!

  5. Wahoo, I was right:) I love her in that cute, cute dress;) How fun to go to Disneyland. Disney is so awesome at making sure that all guests are as comfortable as possible!

  6. Hey, do you remember Emma McInelly from MyFamily? Well, I found her blog the other day. HEre it is, in case you are nosy/interested like me:

  7. Having a baby is awesome! There is a really super nice mother’s lounge with private nursing chairs. It is near the shopping district…Main Street. Having a baby is handy because you can ride swap! Pretty much one person waits in line then the spouse joins you, then four people end up riding with only one person waiting. Sadie should be fine, esp if she is used to sleeping in her car seat. How fun!!

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