Halloween costumes

Does anyone else plan their costumes WAY in advance? I am guilty of that. I just love dressing up! This year is *ahem* a bit more busy than usual, but I also get a little person to dress up too! lol. I like dressing up in themes (Rory and I were Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo the first Halloween we were married, and Hannah Montana and her #1 fan last year, see here), but Rory hates dressing up in more than a Tshirt. So….my options are limited. I was looking for costumes for Sadie, and I happened upon this cutie! I thought we could go as a candy family. Rory can wear a Reese’s shirt or something. Whatever.

I still haven’t decided. Maybe this:

Although I’m not sure she would like her feet being captive. Am I on a candy kick? Maybe. I just think she’s so *sweet* haha. Of course, there are some costumes that are just plain cruel.


Poor kid.

And this one’s for Joanna. hehehe.

Let me know what you think about the candy costumes! Or any other ideas for costumes!


  1. The candy costumes are so cute. It’s a really good idea. You should do a poll of which one to dress her in. I vote for the tootsie roll.

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