Baby’s got some moves!

I took this video yesterday while I was lazing about watching TV. The baby just wouldn’t sit still! Hopefully you can see how much she’s moving around… if not, just trust me, she was going at it. So…had some contractions Monday while we were moving stuff down to the house. They hurt a bit. haha. Nothing steady or long though, and they stopped. A few yesterday, but not too many or too painful. I was actually able to make it to the post office, and pack some more! Yesss. So….carpet went in yesterday! It’s like a real live house! It’s comfy and soft and I love the color. I of course got started right away on the baby’s room, but didn’t get far in the decorating scheme of things. I forgot to take pictures of the other rooms carpeted because of said distraction, so this little sneak peek will have to do for the carpet pictures for today.

Speaking of memories…(I know, I wasn’t), I guess no one remembers me, sniff sniff. lol. (see previous post) Anyways, enjoy the sneaky peek and video, I will try and take more pics today as we move more stuff! We’re hoping to be in by Thursday. Like, our bed and computers and everything! Can’t wait!

P.S. I wrote this last night originally…but someone remembers me! Although I’m not sure who….lol


  1. And they say Mom’s don’t know what it’s like to be a soccor field!!! Love the baby’s room! I would comment on you post from yesterday, but our only experiences are via blogging:(

  2. Soccer!

  3. Oh wow that was awesome! I saw something like that on youtube before…but I questioned if it was real or not…I guess so! So cool! Everyday when I check my blogs and I see that you have posted something I always wonder if it’s going to be “She’s here! Baby ___ is here!” it’s so close!!!!

  4. That video brings back memories! You gotta hurry up and have that baby so I can get my fix because man am I hungry! hehe. The room looks like it’s coming together! SO cute.

  5. Isn’t pregnancy fun? I love laying around watching my baby move! It’s so cool, especially when you can make out what things are…like little knees…and bums! :)

    The nursery is coming together and looking so cute! I love those soft colors!

  6. That’s awesome! Brought back so many memories!


  7. Jess, it’s so crazy that she’salmost here! How wonderful! i hope you’re enjoying seeing my sis, I’m so jelous! And I had to tell you…last night I spent OVER AN HOUR looking at your scrapbook pages! Thay are so freaking cute, you have the cutest style…and then I had a dream that I told you that I spent over an hour looking at your pages and you said something like…”okay now who’se my best friend ever?!?” and i said “me” and then we hugged and had a moment in my dream! weird and cool right? anyway you totally inspired me, and then i had to go to the scrapbooking store and spend waaay too much money to jumpstart my scrap-happiness! anyway, give my sis a hug from me:) love ya!

  8. Holy Hannah! Did you stick your cat in your tummy? Those are some major moves little baby is showing off.

  9. wow that is one active baby and what a great video to have to show bub when they are older

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