Another softie

This one was from my own pattern. It’s kinda wonky and didn’t exactly turn out how I wanted. I think her arms and legs are too long for her narrow body. 😀 Oh well. It was fun and killed a few hours anyways. Also I finished up season 7 of Friends. So win win at least! Anyways, here’s a pic. Try not to laugh too hard!

This is Kiki. She is a pain in the butt. I also don’t know what that pocket is for yet. She is not a kangaroo though!


  1. Oh okay Jess, thanks for posting the obnoxious picture of me!
    I ahd SO much fuin with you guys, I can’t wait to come again! Your softies are adorable, as are all of your creations! Love them all! You are adorable…hope things are great!

  2. Very cute! It’s fun that you can get a concept down and then make your own! Cool pocket. She doesn’t look like a kangaroo, and I might add Kiki looks much more friendly than that devil kitty Ally plays with. :)

  3. Amen to what cassy said! I do not think Kiki looks like a Kanga, although that would be a very challenging project for the future with Roos to go along with the Mama Kangas!

  4. Oh and Noahs ark with all the animals is one my favorite!

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