I love softies!

I think I sewed my fingers numb yesterday! We got home from Stake Conference, I sat down at my computer/sewing machine, and sewed softies til the cows came home. (which they didn’t, incidentally. We don’t have any cows) They were challenging, but fun. I think I will not make any more for awhile. haha. Today are our home inspections (regular and termite) so wish us luck! Also we’re going to see the new Narnia movie with my family. I hope it’s good! Will let you know….

Aww the gang’s all here.

I named her Anastasia. Those silly little arms and legs took me an hour to turn right side out and stuff. argh. Here is where I found her.

This is Chester the cat. (NOT gerbil or pig or mouse) He was pretty easy. He also has no legs.

This is Tweet Tweet, I made up the pattern for him. It’s hard to stuff a beak!


  1. I’ve wanted to try softies too, but I’m busy with perfecting my blankets. hehe. I like the cat except that I thought it was a pig. Still cute though!

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