The "Easter" tie.

So, Rory has this tie. He calls it his “Easter” tie. It is hideous. Every year I try and convince him of the ridicule and mocking he will endure, but it doesn’t work. He still wears it. I have threatened this tie, but now he knows my motives and would definitely notice if it were, say, cut in half or burnt. I tried shoving it under some pillows on the couch this year. Nope. Didn’t work. I only hope the baby can somehow help me out with this issue by throwing up all over it or worse. haha. His thinking is that it has OVALS on it so of course they look like EGGS. duh. So, this year, of course he puts it on…and my whole family told him how cool it was! I’m like, Thanks guys….aren’t you supposed to be on my side of this tie war? Of course not. Joanna even matched him this year! Traitor.

Same vacant expression….hehe

See? Isn’t it the ugliest tie ever?


  1. I agree. It’s ugly Rory! Listen to your wife! I’m ridiculing you!
    PS-that’s not you standing next to him is it?

  2. It is pretty hideous. And those don’t look like Easter eggs, it looks like eggs sitting in black egg cups. Not exactly colorful, happy eggs.

  3. I like traditions and am glad that it is an Easter tie and only worn once a year:) I have seen ties that might be better for Easter, but to each his own:)

  4. If I squint and stand 10 feet away…then maybe I could visualize “eggs” on the tie.
    Being the wife of a man who won’t let go of a gold glittery tie(pre-mission days)….I have a dream….He’ll one day grow out of his hideous tie collection! :) Better clean my rose colored glasses!!!!

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