We’re still alive.


Yes, we are still alive. Barely. I just looked at the calendar and said “Holy crud January is almost over! I’d better put something on the blog.” We have just been really distracted and busy. Mostly with an offer we put in on a house that we are waiting to hear back about. We already got a yes from the seller, but we are waiting to hear back from the lender because it’s a short sale home. For those of you who don’t know what that is…I am not going to explain it. (haha) Here is a website that can though, if you’re interested.


So we’ve been waiting to hear about that, which can take MONTHS. ah! We’re hoping it doesn’t. My nerves are shattered as is. We would do some fixing up of the house, including redoing the kitchen and carpets and painting everything, so we’re having some fun thinking of designs and color schemes. Or, at least I am. Rory is only interested in getting a dishwasher. hehe.

Other than that, we’ve been working away…and hanging out. My brother Jarom is getting home from his mission to Birmingham England in 17 days! Not that I’m counting. Oh yeah. I am. I am so psyched! It will be great to spend some good quality time with him. We were living in Utah when he left, so we had only seen each other for holidays and trips back home for about a year before he left. He’s my best buddy, I’m so stoked!

Anyways, before I sign off, here’s a funny picture from some Twister we played a little while ago. Cause no blog is complete without a funny picture!


  1. How fun, I love designing how I want rooms to look, in my head. I hope you get the house!!!! A new scrapbook room with a new wall color would be so much fun! Have a great week:)

  2. Oh geez, I need something to distract me from those books, I seriously want to have a countdown til the movies come out…if I only knew when…I will however camp out for any possible midnight showings…i’m excited…TOO excited!

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