finished quilting and binding baby’s quilt this past weekend. don’t mind sadie’s creepy ghost hand in this picture…she is in a phase where she MUST be in every picture taken.

i love it! except for those two blocks in the middleish…where the flower placement is almost exactly the same. how the hay did that happen? and why did i not notice until it was quilted? there are always those renegade blocks that end up in the wrong places, even when you check multiple times. grr.

i quilted it with my free motion foot on my sewing machine…and it’s not that great of a quilting job, but i really just wanted to finish it and i have no patience and my arms were getting tired so in some places it’s a bit sloppy. i figure, who really cares? not me.

the fabrics are:

green polka dots: Ta Dot in celery – Michael Miller
pink polka dots: from Joann’s Plain and Fancy Stonehill Collection
flowered fabric: same as above
aqua: from my stash
yellow: Sweet Candy Stripe in lemon drop by Urban Chiks for Moda Fabrics

backing: Sandi Henderson’s Pink Petal Party

i LOVE the backing fabric…i originally bought it to back sadie’s quilt, but decided it went bette

r with this quilt.

whadaya think?

sadie of course had to give it a test run.

off topic: wow, i just hit the 250th follower mark! you guys are so super cool. I still can’t believe anyone wants to read my blatherings, but thanks for sticking around and for all the love you give my lil blog!

name this TV quote:
“your love lets me orbit the moon twice and return safely.”



  1. I LOVE that backing fabric. Sooo pretty! The colors your picked to put together are so pretty. I love it! So crisp and fun.

    I am going to attempt to quilt one of the quilts I just finished… I don’t know if I’m brave enough yet! But pretty soon I think I will be… I can feel it. =]

  2. definitely a friends quote. Love the quilt! Have any free motion quilting tips for a beginner? My first attempt was so disasterous I just hand tied the darn thing. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Yes a Friends quote. More specifically when Chandler is looking for a handmade gift to give to Monica and finds Ross’ replica of Apollo something. “I could say, ‘Your love sends me to the moon!’ ‘It never actually landed on the moon, but you could say, “Your love lets me orbit the moon twice and return safely.”‘” hahaahaha!!!

  4. that turned out sooo cute. I love the little ghost in the pic, love it when that happens. That’ll be a great quilt.

  5. I especailly love the quilt with the backing showing. All the fabrics are so striking and fun. Makes me want to find time to make the quilt I have the fabirc for. You are an inspiration!

  6. great job….love the backing fabric with it…way cute!

  7. Great job Jess!!! I do looove the Micheal Miller Ta Dot in Celery!

  8. What a fun, colorful quilt! The back fabric is a fav! Laughed about Sadie’s ghost hand. Too funny…

  9. Oh I love it – the fabrics are gorgeous and I am loving white in quilts!

  10. Love, love, love that backing fabric!! Can you tell I love it? I’m jotting the name down right now…I can it as a little dress for Lauren. I’m yet to sew any clothes for her and I really want to make something.


  11. love, Love, LOVE the whole thing! Way stinkin’ cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. It turned out adorable!

    I think Im getting ready to try my hand at this quilting thing. Do you HAVE to have a special foot to do free motion quilting?

  13. It looks great! Something about simple blocks is always appealing to me.

  14. Wendy-yes there is a special foot for most machines, i believe. mine was only about $15…not too bad!

  15. Hi Jess,
    Love the baby quilt. Would you be willing to share how big the quilt squares are and how you pieced it.? I would like to make one similar for my daughter.

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