Disneyland: Day three…

Yesterday we headed into the park bright and early to try and make it on the Finding Nemo ride before the lines got too long. Last time we went, last June, it had just opened and at times the lines were 5 hours long! We got spoiled this time, the longest line we waited in was maybe 20 minutes. Gotta love the off season! Anyways, Nemo was pretty … [Read more...]

Disneyland, Day two:

Busy day...we had fun in A Bug's Land park, where we found a fun water area to cool off in. More on that...We also hit up Fantasyland for some kiddie rides and the carousel. I'd never been on it before...it was anti-climatic. haha. Did a little shopping and got lunch/dinner at Rainforest Cafe as the company get together for the weekend. We also … [Read more...]

Disneyland! First day…

So, we made it through our Disneyland trip! Three days of fun! Well, most of the time, but we'll get to that. I thought I'd organize it day by day, cause there are too many pictures! haha. So early Thursday morning Rory and I, Sadie, Joanna, David, Jarom and Stephanie all loaded into my parents suburban and took off down Hwy 5. Sadie was soo good … [Read more...]

Another tag…I am sorry

It's ok though, cause tomorrow we're going to Disneyland! Woot! So excited. Sadie's so excited she is crying with joy in the other room. (Ok, maybe she's crying cause she doesn't want to go to sleep) We're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning at 5 am SHARP. haha. We'll see about that one too. I hope and pray that Sadie will be a good little … [Read more...]