Another tag…I am sorry

It’s ok though, cause tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland! Woot! So excited.

Sadie’s so excited she is crying with joy in the other room. (Ok, maybe she’s crying cause she doesn’t want to go to sleep) We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning at 5 am SHARP. haha. We’ll see about that one too. I hope and pray that Sadie will be a good little baby and sleep most of the trip. Cross your fingers for us! Well, until we blog again, see ya! Oh, and here’s my tag from Janae.

TAG You’re it!

Janae is my person…

How do you know this person? She’s this girl who follows me around sometimes and takes care of my baby.
What do you like most about this person? I like that she takes care of my baby. haha. Also she makes a mean cheesecake.
What is one of your most memorable experiences with this person? Dragging her around shopping with me when I was 9 months pregnant! Also making said mean cheesecake. Also when she wore underwear on her head in the car.
If you were going to die tomorrow what would be your last words to this person? I love you! Oh, and read Harry Potter already!

This is how it works!!

Go to your blog.
pick the third person that is on your list of other blogs!
Answer these questions!


  1. Yea for Disneyland! I’ll pray for Sadie if you pray for Rayne. hehe.

  2. deal!

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