Barbie knit top pattern-improved version!

For those of you long time readers, hello! Do you remember when I did this tutorial, way back when? In time, the pattern became lost and undownloadable (it’s a word don’t worry about it), but I found my hard copy recently! YAY! So I fine tuned the pattern and digitized it and it is now available to download and print for free here!


Hope you enjoy making some knit tees for the Barbie enthusiast in your house! This post has the tutorial!



  1. Love your barbie tutorials, I have made millions of them for my daughter and her friends and cousins! Currently making a pile of easy skirts with fabric scraps 🙂 I made my own version of this pattern as I struggled to download it originally, can’t wait to give it a try, it’s a great way to recycle old leggings and t-shirts

  2. Thank you for posting!

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