outdoor movie night party

Sadie had her heart set on an outdoor movie night party this year, and lucky for her, August is the perfect month to have one of those in! My in-laws have an amazing outdoor screen that we used, (similar) and it worked out great! We had quite the crowd as many families joined in on the fun!

It was BYOS-Bring your own seating-and we put out all our blankets and chairs as well in case people forgot-we even had some people bring bean bags! It was awesome! We hung up the striped garland originally from Charlotte’s circus party, which is the perfect way to give a large space party vibes!

I kept it fairly simple, besides my requisite cake and cookies! Wouldn’t be a CINO party without those!

I bought this cute set of signs, this roll of striped tablecloth, and that was about it for the table decor!

For the cookies, I made soda, cotton candy, stars, popcorn bites, tickets, a marquee, and licorice!

This set was sooo fun to make! the colors made  me so happy! I love piping words too, even if it can get tricky.

We had plenty of popcorn of course, sea salt and kettle corn. yum!

I raided Target for these boxes of movie type candies, everyone got a box-they were so cute all laid out!

Sadie’s cake was really fun to make-minus the last minute hustle to make enough fondant popcorn kernels to cover the top!

I made the kernels by rolling out different sized balls of light yellow fondant, then cutting out a flower with this tool, and pressing it with a little water into the ball of fondant. I painted some of them with yellow food coloring too, to look like butter!

I thought I had made enough the day before but when I started covering the top of the cake with them, it was clear I wouldn’t have enough! This was about 2 hours before the party started-so it was all hands on deck! I had the kids and even Rory rolling out fondant balls for me so I could make enough popcorn kernels!

I made the little take 11 clapper (a nod to the age she turned this year) with some black fondant and white fondant-and this alphabet cutter set, and my FAVORITE shapes cutter set-if you have any interest in starting fondant cakes this is a good tool for you.

We had an assortment of frosty drinks and sodas in our drink tub, as well as water, of course.

To corral everyone’s treats, I bought popcorn boxes, and these pop-out concession boxes for all the goodies to nestle in!

Last but not least, the favors were packages of microwave popcorn, with a redbox movie code “ticket” attached, one per family! (obviously the codes were on the tickets, I blanked them out on the picture just in case someone hadn’t used theirs yet. You know how the internet can be lol)

It was a fun touch to pass out at the end-kind of like a continuation of the night! I hope there were some fun family movie nights!


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