Secrets and Suitors book review

So excited to review another of my talented sister’s amazing novels! This one is titled Secrets and Suitors!

I absolutely adore this book. The story is compelling, original, and fresh (I read a lot of Regency so this should mean something lol!), and the characters are so realistic. The protagonist, Nora, is quite shy and deals with some social anxiety but throughout the novel starts to stand on her own two feet and really come into her own confidence. I loved reading a heroine that doesn’t always say exactly the right things!
The hero…swoon. Just perfection. Their romance is beautifully and vividly written, and their chemistry practically leaps off the page. All the feels during the climatic ending!
It is written entirely from Nora’s perspective, and as she is quite observant, it works very well for understanding the other character’s feelings & motivations. Even when Nora doesn’t quite understand what she’s observing! (or is in denial)
Nora’s parents, especially her father, are such dimensional characters, and as the secrets start being revealed, we understand more about why they are the way that they are, and how that has affected the way they parent and live.
All of the minor characters were very well rounded and so fun to get to know (well, the ones you want to root for!), especially Lady Worthington! Love a regal, loaded boss lady.
This story will sweep you up from the first chapter, I finished it in about 3 hours-in one sitting because I simply could not put it down for the life of me.

IT IS THAT GOOD! Obviously-can’t wait to read more of this author’s work. All of her books are amazing!

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