kids clothing review

As you might guess, with four kids around the house, that equals a lot of clothes! Kids clothes are (obviously hehe) some of my favorite things to make, or pick out! I’ve leaned away from making kids clothes over the past few years, just a preference…mostly because there are SO many cute options out there! And getting wholesale children’s clothing at great deals makes mama happy!

I was so excited to work with this site for this review post-and Ava as you can see, was thrilled with the new clothes! She probably doesn’t even remember the heyday of her modeling career, so she had a blast posing for me!

love this adorable hounds tooth with the cute collar!!

Man, this kid has personality!

Check out the site for TONS more adorable kids clothes options at great prices!

All the clothes we received are very well made and with good quality fabric, which is always a plus for this textile-lover.

Ava absolutely adored all the jumpers!

I want to put her in this when we get pumpkins later this month, for sure!

Ava’s best friend loves yellow, so Ava made sure to wear it to school yesterday to show it off! lol!

I adore the buttons and collar on this top! Plus the little gathering at the sleeves! SO CUTE.

Can you even handle the back of the collar?? <3

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