Jack’s Cars Birthday Party

Jack’s third birthday party theme could only be one thing-Cars! He’s been OBSESSED with the movies (mostly the third), for the last year at least. I also have been redecorating his room in a Radiator Springs theme, so I was already invested lol! Let’s dig in!

As usual, there will be some affiliate links, which help immensely with future parties! thank you!

I started with the invite-which I designed! I have started doing invites on Etsy, so if you’re in the market for digital invitations, check them out! Including this one! Here’s the link-CINOshop.

We put our bounce house out for the kids, and I also had some coloring pages printed out on our kids picnic table for the kids to color…I also threw together this little raceway for the kids to play with-and even though it’s quite janky, I kinda love it! I brought out all of Jack’s cars from the movies for the kids to race! I made it with stuff from my garage, so besides the $3 for spray paint, it was free to make!

I brought out some decor from Jack’s room for the favor table, and made a Piston Cup out of stuff from the recycle bin and some paint and vinyl! lol! I used my trusty Silhouette for the words-that thing always comes through for me when I’m working on a party!

For the favors, I made some labels for these adorable checkered flag lollies, and a little sign too!

I got this checkered party set, which was a great deal! I strung up the banner throughout the yard, and used the tablecloth and flags on the tables. I also made some large traffic signs in Illustrator, printed and pieced them together, then hung them along the fence, along with some orange traffic cones! so cute!

I also leaned a few of these floaty tires by the favor table!


I love getting these number balloons!

For the table decor, I added white tape to the center of this black fabric/paper hybrid, added a cone with a few flags stuck in (I had to drill the holes, but it was super easy!), and then added cars that Jack had already!

Now onto the table! I layered burlap, checkered, white, and another road table runner, which I loved how it looked! I hung up a black tablecloth behind it and hung up a Radiator Springs style birthday banner, along with some honeycombs I had on hand from a previous party, and a couple more cones!

Let’s start with the cake, as it was the star of the show! I bought a 12″ cake board and covered it with black fondant. I usually buy my black fondant at Michaels or Hobby Lobby as opposed to coloring it myself when I make my marshmallow fondant. It’s just easier!

The bottom tier is Route 66/Radiator Springs/desert road themed, and I had so much fun making the cacti, rocks, little road signs, and traffic cones!

The top tier was checker board, which was oh so easy to make using this cookie cutter set that I use CONSTANTLY! If you are starting out making your own cookies and cakes, I would definitely recommend this set.


I loved how the top turned out too! The Jack logo was a bit challenging, but with some patience and careful cutting it turned out well!

The other treats included “dip sticks”


some sweet little cactus cake pops-I loved making these! I piped up the sides using a tip with those ridges on one side, and added some fondant flowers to the top!

Some “spare tires” from Luigi’s tire shop!

and sugar cookies of course! I loved the route 66 and cactus cutters that I got, and the car and lightning bolt are from this etsy shop.

I added some checkered straws to this adorable tire pencil holder, and I added some McQueen eyes that I printed on adhesive paper and cut out, to the red paper cups. So cute!

We served “transmission fluid” and “antifreeze” aka party punch. (equal parts hawaiian punch and 7up)

Ok…I even looked up the order that traffic lights are in, but when these got set out I was in a hurry and they are wrong here. LOL. can’t win them all!


We had Filmore’s organic veggies, and traffic light fruit salad…

and guido’s pizza!

the birthday boy had a blast and loved having so many people he loves together!


  1. Very beautifull! Congratz to mama and Jack!!

  2. Looking so beautiful, Congratz to the birthday boy. May God bless you.

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