KCW: upcycled skirts & and pair of leggings

Kids CLothes Week-upcycled striped skirt

I’m kinda in love with this one because it was SOOOOOO easy.

I had this adorable striped skirt that my bestie had given me, but alas it was too long because I am a shortie.

But I loved the fabric and the way the stripes played off of each other.

So this one I just chopped it off at about 15″ long, then folded over the top to create a wasitband.

(I serged it but you could also fold over 1/4″ and then again for however wide your elastic is-see my skirt tutorial here that is basically what I did!)

Kids CLothes Week-upcycled striped skirt

the skirt was already pieced together in such an interesting way-I flippin’ love it!

Shirt is from a previous KCW, fittingly.

Kids CLothes Week-upcycled striped skirt

and bonus, it literally took about 10 minutes to make.

and Sadie loves it. Win WIN!

Kids CLothes Week-upcycled striped skirt

and for good measure, I whipped another one up.

upcycled thrifted skirt

Isn’t that fabric sweet? this is from another skirt I thrifted-wore it a few times but it fit weird so I gave it up to it’s new life as a smaller, cuter skirt for Sadie.

Keep an eye out for another top featuring the top part of this skirt!

coincidentally, I don’t have before shots of either of these skirts.

basically they look about the same, only larger.


upcycled thrifted skirt

I also sewed up one pair of leggings which I feel like I should just add to the skirt post instead of writing it’s own since I would pretty much just say:

Here’s another pair of Go to Leggings. It’s an awesome pattern. So awesome it has it’s own tag on my blog.

Nuff said

skirt to leggings upcycle

Just kidding I thought of more to say.

I bought this knit pencil skirt at Forever 21 years ago and I don’t think I ever wore it!

let’s just say, I am not curvy so pencil skirts don’t do anything for me…

skirt to leggings upcycle

It worked out perfectly for leggings for Ms C! Like, PERFECTLY.

I just eeked out these 4T leggings from the skirt. Meant to be!

Also, no hemming. woot!

skirt to leggings upcycle

skirt to leggings upcycle

Before and after!

skirt to leggings upcycle


  1. Ooh! I love the stripey skirt such fun!

  2. Love Love Love the stripes skirt! Wonderful!

  3. You really are productive this KCW, and love all the makes! Though, being curvy, I would have worn the pencil skirt to pieces myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ummmmm i want that stripey skirt.

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