knit pajama shorts

knit pj shorts

It’s SUMMERTIME! I’m sure you were aware of that, but just in case….

the kids need PJ shorts. It’s been a bit dire-especially for Ava.

I chopped off the arms and legs of a pair of PJ’s the other night because it was SO hot and she didn’t have any short sleeved sets.

Rory was like “dudette, you need to buy them some shorts”. and I was like…great, something ELSE to spend money on….then I remembered-hey! I sew stuff!

It’s surprising how often I forget that when it comes to basics.

knit pj shorts

bless you, Miss C.

(also, I love how both Sadie and Charlotte can’t keep their arms off of Ava…they just love her so much! too much, sometimes…lol)

Anyways. After my moment of clarity, I printed off Jen’s awesome (and FREE) knit PJ short pattern.

it only comes in a size 6, but it was fairly simple to size down for my other girls.

(for each size down, I took off 1/4″ around the entire pattern, give or take a little)

knit pj shorts

these adorable deer shorts are made from this awesome Girl Charlee fabric-it’s so perfect for PJs, kitschy and cute!

knit pajama shorts

STRAWBERRIES. (just thought I’d shout that out to ya)

these are my favorites.

fabric is from Birch Fabrics-organic knit is SO soft guys.

available on Fabricworm!

knit pajama shorts

knit pajama shorts

this fabric is also from Birch Fabrics (available at Fabricworm!)-the everyday party knit line.

knit pajama shorts

the girls loved the theme of this fabric-the cute animals having a little forest party…I mean come on…they were in love!

knit pajama shorts

You’ll notice I didn’t hem any of them-for one thing, they were all fairly sturdy knits, and looked great without it, plus, any excuse to NOT hem 18 little leg holes I am ok with.

I grabbed all the tanks at a recent Old Navy sale, where they were $2 each! SCORE.

knit pajama shorts

I finished the waistband with fold over elastic-the wider white stuff worked SOO much better than the thinner stuff.

I’m going to have to get me some more of that!

knit pajama shorts

I sewed them all on the serger-which made all nine of these shorts go SO fast.

It only took about 2 hours or so to finish them.

yay for remembering I can sew basic stuff, and double YAY (yay) for cute fabric that actually make sewing basics enjoyable!


  1. CUTE. oh man all three in multiple photos with their summer sunkissed skin? adorable. love the PJ shorts – O is in the same boat and i’ve just been putting onesies on C because he has nothing else. great fabrics, too!!

    • yeah you guys have had some HOT weather lately, huh? We had a perfect beach day on saturday-need to go again! (they all have farmer’s tans lol!)

  2. It’s true, the easy stuff is sometimes the most rewarding. they all look super cute!

  3. Love all of these! And you have to have the cutest trio of models–aside from your bud Stef. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the pic of the girls in the deer pj bottoms–I thought maybe a toot with the look on Ava’s face–like “oh my!”. Wasn’t sure when I saw this knit party print for my shop use but they make the BEST print for pj shorts! I wonder about a serger but think I may not get one until I have grandkids as I don’t make clothes. I can definately see me needing it when I make cute things like this for my grandkids–yeah, about 20 years for now, but time does fly!

  4. I have this same issue for my daughter but for night shirts. She ends up wearing her brother’s too small under shirts hahaha

  5. I used that pattern and made swim shorts for my girls. I figure if I spend that much on suits I really want them to last all summer!

  6. Charity G. says

    Totally get the chopping off of PJs. We have a couple of pairs that have been passed down through my boys that I chopped off with my oldest. This was the first year I made short PJs for them (found knit for $3/yard so $12 for 4 pairs). These are adorable. Love the prints. Might have to buy some of the party one for me since I’m the only girl in our family.

  7. Hmm. I could use some pj shorts myself. What would you recommend to size them up to a ladies size 4?

  8. I used to follow your blog faithfully jntil the blogger app I used to use stopped working. Your littles are SOOO cute!! Ran across this cute pic on Pinterest. Adorable.

  9. When I was little I ALWAYS wanted to match my sisters, such lucky girls you have! Love the fabrics, no reason staples can’t be fun.

  10. So darling!!! I have Everyday Party in cotton but i need some of the knit too.

  11. These are so very cute. Your girls are adorable.

  12. What great shorts and your girls are so cute!

  13. Those knits are almost as cute as your little girls… I love that they can all match. =)

  14. Caroline Hornsey says

    So. much. cuteness. Your girls are just beautiful! And thanks for the inspiration for some summer pjs too…my little girl who’s Sadie’s age is still wearing some 2-3 yr old cropped pjs (she’s a mini one too!) that are seriously in need of replacing. I’ll be whipping up a few of these cute little shorts before we head off in our campervan (RV?!) this summer!

  15. These shorts are seriously cute. Feeling some making time coming on!

  16. Beautiful! Love all versions of the shorts and your stunning photos……

  17. Thanks so much for including how you sized this pattern down cut out 6 pairs for my 3 year old…maybe a little too keen ๐Ÿ™‚


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