baby toms

baby sized toms by craftiness is not optional

I had pinned this free tutorial and pattern for baby/toddler Toms awhile back now, but  for some reason I felt an itch to make some RIGHT NOW. (er, a few weeks ago, now) As I was also feeling like a tightwad that night, I opted to try and size the free pattern instead of the sized pattern that is offered for sale. Which worked out….er..ok. I scaled it up to 130%, and then had to fiddle with the size of the back piece to get it to fit…my kids have freakishly tiny feet so I probably didn’t even need to size up the free pattern. But I digress. These still turned out super cute, even if the back of the shoe has some room to spare. I might try these again if I have time. (time….whats that again?)

close up baby toms by craftiness is not optional

Anyways. I used some delicious Essex yarn dyed linen in black for the outside, polka dot from Joanns for the lining, and some raspberry leather from LowPriceFabrics.

baby toms by craftiness is not optional

magenta soles by craftiness is not optional

I loove the color of this leather. I want to make some more moccs next.

magenta bottoms by craftiness is not optional

Ava likes them enough-she actually left them on for most of the shoot, though of course tried to rip them off once she figured out they were there.  But strangely enough, only one of them. I guess her right foot gets hot?

toms by craftiness is not optional


  1. These turned out wonderfully! I know of several expectant mothers that would love these for their little ones. I will have to check this out and see what I think about the paid pattern.

  2. so cute! My boys have tiny feet too! I think I got about 8 months wear out of one pair of shoes…crazy for a 18mo!

  3. Hi Jess! So so nice toddlers! I’ve done these for my little boy as well… I think that they are so funny as well as comfortable with it. I invite you to visit my blog to see it: You can find it with “peucs” tag. It’s in catalan! ; – ) Best regards! Montse

  4. SO cute! I love that leather!

  5. Someday I will be talented enough to make these lol 🙂


  6. gah! those are so adorable. I love every inch of them. And the leather bottom = perfection!

  7. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing the tut’ I’ll have to try this out.

  8. Super cute! I love the pop of color on the bottom, adorable!

  9. So cute! I found that a few weeks back and totally bought it on the spot because I am a fool and didn’t even see there was a free option 🙂 I haven’t made them yet but I keep meaning to, Penny needs some shoes especially ones that will go on easy and stay on 🙂

  10. So so cute 🙂 love it!

  11. Oh I need to make some of these for my little bump!!

    I love the bright sole, it’s like Louboutins for baby. 🙂

    All the best,
    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  12. These turned out DARLING! Thanks for the feature!
    – Leisha @ Homemade Toast

  13. HI! New Follower, I loved this tutorial. I just made a pattern (literally like 20 mins ago) for baby Toms, then I thought, I bet there are already Toms patterns out there. So then…thanks to Pinterest…I found your blog. and love it! Can’t wait to read along!

    Love and Blessings,

  14. im from argentina and those are alpargatas de gaucho nothing more or less here is a page you would like

  15. I have been meaning to make these as well but I can’t seem to figure out how to scale the free pattern to print out bigger. How did you figure out to scale it up to 130%?? They turned out super cute and I love the leather sole!

  16. Renee Janssen says

    Thanks so much for this free tutorial, you are most generous. Please excuse the stupid question, but how do you get the neat writing of the baby names?

  17. These are absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to make a pair for my little girl!

    By the way, your posts are are always fantastic. The photography is great, tutorials easy to follow and content exceptional.

    Thanks for all of the time you spend creating a blog worth reading. Keep up the good work!

  18. Love the baby toms pattern but can only get the 1st page to print. What has gone wrong

  19. Any chance you recall the steps to put the pattern pieces together? I bought the pattern a while back and have made two pairs and I was planning to make a third pair however when I went back to check out the tutorial I find that I can’t connect at all to the original tutorial from I already cut out all the pattern pieces and I really need a hand with the exact sewing instructions….

  20. I never thought to use leather on the bottom for “grip”- great idea! I made some for my 3 month old, but we’ve got awhile before he’s walking 🙂


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