Junebug dress sew-along Part 1: pattern and pieces

And now for the Junebug dress tutorial/sew along. (without much fanfare apparently)

You’ll need:
1-2 yards of fabric, depending on child’s size. I barely scraped by with one yard for my 2T size
6 buttons-for the pattern I provide no larger than 5/8″
thread, sewing and pattern making stuff (ie sewing machine and paper)
You can download the free 2T/3T pattern here. I say @2T/slash/3T because Sadie’s kind of in the middle of the two sizes….the finished dimensions of this pattern are 21″ around the waist, 8″ around for the sleeves (though you can definitely use more elastic to get a wider opening), and 18″ from collarbone to hem.
Ok, if  you’re not using the pattern, let’s get going and make your own! First you’ll need to trace a tee that fits your child-see more about that here.
This will be the back piece of your bodice-so trace the back neckline. Add seam allowances-I allow for 1/4″ in my pattern. Measure down how far you’d like the bodice to go on your child. and draw a line across.

Next, cut out your back piece, and trace it again. Then draw a half-square neckline-dropping off before it hits the fold line. (left side of pattern in pic)

Then cut out that pattern, trace the back piece again, and draw your bodice flap pattern. It should flare out a little bit on the bottom (ie not go straight down), and curve up a little bit where it meets the bodice front piece. Add seam allowances on the top and side of this piece. (again, about 1/4″)

Then I drew a sleeve shape like this one for my gathered sleeve. These are really easy to draw and forgiving too. Make sure to square it off, ie, make sure lines are straight.

There. Now label your patterns as shown, and cut out your fabric from the pattern pieces.

Tomorrow: bodice and buttonholes!


  1. Oh! This is still so lovely. I’d love to be a creative mum like you.

  2. OOh.. I’m excited. Bought my fabric today for this dress – I love it so much. It’s winter here but I am going to make it anyway and Issie can wear it in our spring/summer. Looking forward to my first sew along. Love the new look! Suz

  3. Yay! Excited about this sew-along!

  4. WhooHoo! I am so excited to be starting this sew along! Thanks so much!

  5. Baby Bianca will be adorable in this dress! Can’t wait to get started!

  6. Such a cute dress, I love the addition of the buttons! I hope you don’t mind, I featured you on my Fun Monday blog post for today! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the Gingercakes pattern give away. I am one of the winners and I have already sent my request. Can’t hardly wait to get started. Also have downloaded the Junebug dress pattern and am headed for the stash to find fabric. I don’t have a gd in this size, one is in an 18 months and the other is in a 6/8, but if I make it in the 2T the youngest will be there before long and I can adapt a pattern for the oldest. Thanks again for the pattern giveaway and the neat site.

    (Phyllis in OK-lahoma)

  8. I’m very excited about this sewalong! I’m going to dig through my fabric bin and see if I have cute enough fabric. If not, I’m heading to JoAnn’s–there are a ton of coupons in the latest mailer! Yay!!!

  9. Yeah I am going to sew along! I love that Sadie and my just 3 year old are the same size and I dont need to make a pattern! Just hope it still fits here when summer rolls around here in New Zealand!!

  10. This is beautiful. I’m swamped with stuff so I can’t do the sew along, but this is definitely going on my to do list.

  11. Yay! I think I might actually do this one!

  12. Ok, I’m going to try this! But for a size 6/7. Do you think that’s too big to make this kind of dress? Is there any zipper, or is it a step in type dress, with the flap as the buttons? Does that make sense?? LOL

  13. Anonymous says

    My granddaughters will look sweet in this one! I downloaded the pattern, but I don’t see any direction for the skirt portion?

  14. I love this dress!

  15. No fear! I’ll have skirt directions and tips in part 3!

  16. Adorable! This dress is so cute, I am going to have to make one for my daughter.

  17. Bought my fabric today! I’m so excited to try to make this dress!

  18. Anonymous says

    do you think you vould possibly make this patterenfir a teen?

  19. Your dresses are always so perfect, and this one is no exception! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  20. Adorable!! I must make this for my 4 year old. Thank you for the pattern. 🙂

  21. This is the sweetest dress, Jess. I love those big buttons.

  22. Oooh, I’m so excited about this! I went right down to Joann Fabrics and got some fabric and buttons for it. 🙂

  23. Thank you! It’s adorable!

  24. so sweet! but i dont have a little girl at home…
    greetings katrin

  25. Looks like a great pattern. Can’t wait to make one for my granddaughter.

  26. So cute! What an amazing tutorial too. Hope you don’t mind that I raved about it on my blog…


  27. This was my first attempt at creating my own pattern, because I needed to make it a size 4T, not 2T. It was an EPIC. FAIL. All of my pieces are way too small, even after following your tutorial and with the 1/4 inch seam allowance I added. I really love this dress and want to give it a second try, but I’m not sure what I should do to make sure I’m making the pattern correctly. (Or if you have tips on how I should enlarge your pattern to the correct size??) Thanks, Jess!

  28. The dress is beautiful! I can’t wait to make it for my niece.

  29. i’m on board! what a sweet dress with what looks like an easy to follow pattern. excited to follow along! thanks!

  30. love the dress. terima kasih.

  31. SO CUTE!!!!
    I just have to find someone to make this for!
    Thank you for sharing such a fantastic project.

  32. i saw a little girl at church wearing this dress and i tracked down her mother and told her that the dress was too cute to be store bought and where the heck do i get the pattern!!! and she told me she found it here and i was like dude! i totally follow that blog! how the heck did i miss this!!! dont’ worry girl, i made up for it, pinned, tweeted, and on my cutting table!

    thanks for the awesome tutorial!


  33. Found this on pinterest and have been looking for something to make with some fall fabric I bought. Can’t wait to start this! 🙂

  34. I made several dresses for my niece when she was this age. I SO wish this had been one of them! This is absolutely precious 🙂

  35. This is a MOST adorable dress. I’m in the process of making one for my daughter right now – just needs hemming and buttons. 🙂

    Here’s a picture of it so far:

    Thanks for sharing the pattern! I’m definitely going to be making this one again.

  36. The minute I saw your Junebug Dress I knew it would be my next project! I fell in love with it’s sweet style instantly. Might have had a lot to do with your darling little model too!

    Anyway, I finished my version of your dress this morning. I like to make tester projects first as I am not the best sewer around and I sometimes have a hard time following tutorials and mess the project up. I will say that your tutorial was so clear and easy to follow that I am not calling my dress a tester anymore! I am thrilled with the way it turned out using just what I had on hand. I don’t have a flicker account so I posted my finished dress on my blog which is: http://craftilyyours.blogspot.com/2011/09/junebug-dress.html

    Can’t thank you enough for the fantastic tutorial and sharing it with us.

  37. Oh my gosh… what a cute dress. gorgeous.
    I’ve recently had a baby girl, and have beome obsessed with making little dresses.
    Check out my blog if you fancy:


    Ciao Bindu

  38. Thankfully Sadie and my youngest daughter seem to be the same size! No pattern making required. lol As easy as it is to make a pattern, that doesn’t mean I want to when the work is done for me. 😉 I’m going to be playing along in the Project Run and Play reader version of the competition. 😀 Can’t wait to figure out how I’m going to remix this!

  39. My God this is SO cute! Does this pattern come in other sizes? (I hope hihi)

  40. I just finished and posted my Junebug dress remix for Project Run and Play! I hope you like it! ~Stephanie


  41. I just finished and posted my Junebug dress remix for Project Run and Play! I hope you like it! ~Stephanie


  42. I just finished and posted my Junebug dress remix for Project Run and Play! I hope you like it! ~Stephanie


  43. I just finished and posted my Junebug dress remix for Project Run and Play! I hope you like it! ~Stephanie


  44. I just finished and posted my Junebug dress remix for Project Run and Play! I hope you like it! ~Stephanie


  45. Idownloaded the pdf pattern, but I have no idea how to use it. Do I just print it out? and how does it print will I have to make it larger or will it printout in peices that I have to put together. I have never used a pdf pattern before… I am so lost this is not a good start lol… please help

  46. If you print it out it will be a size 2/3T, I have dimensions of the finished dress in this post. If you were to enlarge it, I have no idea how much you’d have to do that, or if the proportions would work. Sorry, all I have to offer right now is this size. 🙂

  47. Hi, I’d love to make this dress, I am just not familiar with the term size 2T/3T. Does that mean 2years?

    Thanks for the tutuorials! They are so fantastic!

  48. I love this little dress and just had to whip one up for my granddaughter. The only problem, was the best way to get it on her…over the head did not seem to work. Tried having her step into it and that worked, but it was pretty tight. Any one else have this problem. She is still in diapers (12 mos old) but a sweet little chubby cherub. Once it was on, the fit was fine. It was just difficult to get it on and buttoned up. Suggestions and comments are welcome!

    • Same trouble here. Glad you suggested stepping into it. My granddaughter tried over the head and then refused to put it on again! But…it surely is cute!

  49. Thank you so much for this absolutely darling (and easy to follow) dress pattern. Sweet, sweet. (my version: http://www.redthreadlove.blogspot.com/2012/05/sweetness-all-around.html)

  50. Such a cute dress, I love the addition of the buttons! I hope you don’t mind, I featured you on my Fun Monday blog post for today! 🙂

  51. Anonymous says

    love this. i am making this for my cousin. i was wondering were you got your fabric?

  52. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! My sister and i made matching ones (same print different colors) for our daughters. they turned out so cute! Thanks for an accurate and easy to follow tutorial!

  53. Amei seu blog! Obrigada por compartilhar suas idéias!

  54. Hi! I stumbled across your site looking for patterns for my granddaughter who turns one next week. I can’t seem to find the rest of the junebug dress, and one of the patterns links led me to a page that no longer exists. Can you please link me to the Junebug dress full pattern? Currently all I can find is step three.

    Thank you!

  55. Hi. I really like this junebag pattern of the dress. Simple and adorable. Thanks for the tutorial, gotta make one for my lil’ cousin. 🙂 I appreciate it if you also visit me here.

  56. Can you put the measurements in the pdf for all the sides? How deep is the neck? and whats the size of armhole/armseye have you taken for this pattern?

    If I want to make this for 1 year than howmuch smaller shall i make?

  57. This is gorgeous, any chance you’d have boys individual patterns to sew.. there’s not much on the market?

  58. Bunnylover! says

    Love it!I Think I’m going to make a small version of it.For my Bunny XD!

  59. I’m making this for my grand daughter,who’s name happens to be June. Yes, we do call her June Bug.

  60. I love this dress! I made it last year and now I am attempting the charlotte dress with a yoke. I love your tutorials. I have taken 3 years of sewing classes and couldn’t show anything for it. I lost hope and decided I just don’t get sewing. Because of your tutorials I am learning to sew, Thanks!

  61. I made the junebug dress last year and now I am making the charlotte dress with a yoke. I love your tutorials. I took 3 years of sewing classes and had nothing to show for it. I compared it to geometry and decided I just didn’t get it! Now because of your tutorials I can Sew! Thank you so much. Everything you do is so cute and I will forever follow your blog.

  62. Love the pattern! Thanks so much! Here’s my version:

  63. I just love your tutorials. I am a housewife in South Africa. Got a little girl and love the ideas that you have, want to make them all!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  64. So sweet this dress!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  65. Thank you so much for sharing. I love this dress! Can’t wait to make it for my granddaugter:)

  66. I made this dress using your bodice pattern and then sewed the bottom on, making it just below the knee for my 1 1/2 year old. It turned out adorable. I made mine from black corduroy with purple buttons (it matches a pair of black and purple striped leggings she has). It’s perfect for this fall and winter weather. Thank you so much!!!!

  67. ellen fourie says

    High do you have the junebug pattern template for a child with a chest measurement of 55cm.
    thanks Ellen

    • Hi ellen,

      Not sure of cm measurements, but I do have a pattern available on my pattern tab for the Junebug dress that comes in a variety of sizes!

  68. Darling! Where can I get the fabric you used?

  69. I made this for my granddaughter. It turned out so cute!! She loves it.

  70. Hi,
    Just finished my version which you can see here http://www.craufurdland-crafts.co.uk/blog.html
    thanks it was so much fun to make and I think my friends foster child is very happy with it.

  71. Karen brown says

    This is a fabulous dress and a easy to do tutorial. Your free patterns are a real blessing. Thank you so much! My granddaughter is going to look adorable in her ” Junebug” dress.

  72. I absolutely live this dress & want to make it for my grand-daughter. She is a petite 18mo. I can not find the remaining parts of this tutorial. I have just started sewing & need the instructions.

    Is there anywhere I can locate the entire tutorial?

    Thank you!

    • they are in separate posts, it was originally a sew-along. Just search for Junebug dress on my search bar and you should be able to find them all. 🙂

  73. Thank you Jess, I have been sewing for a very long time (like 50 years) and this dress goes together just great. I have made 2 so far and love it. I have 6 granddaughters and will be adjusting for various sizes. Wish you had some patterns for boys too as I love your style and ease of assembly. I tried to post pictures to photo site but couldn’t figure it out. Thanks again!

  74. This dress is way cute! Great job — you rock!

  75. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this fantastic blog!
    I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed
    to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about
    this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  76. Hi,
    Where is the rest of the directions ? I see part 1 but nothing more !!!! HELP

    • it’s part of a sew-along, so in separate posts-search for junebug dress in the search bar, or buy the pattern if you’d rather not draft one 🙂

  77. Danita Courtney says

    Dear Jess,
    Well you have a winner if people are still loving your dress and finding it years after you first designed it! If you ever need a tester please let me know. All I sew is dresses/outfits for my two granddaughters and they love getting their Grammy packages. The latest comment from one of them said was, “I love this one because the flowers are all over” So I must be doing something right to keep two very different little girls happy. 😉

    I have enjoyed following your blog from time to time, but I really love the sewing projects! Thank you very much for sharing your skills with the rest of us! And Please keep me in mind if you need a tester. I’d love to help.

  78. Hi I have cut out the top and just realised I haven’t got the pattern for the bottom of this dress! Can anyone direct me where I can get it free pls? I think I only have part 1& need 2&3

  79. This dress is adorable! How can I make it just a little bigger (3T/4T)?

  80. Andrea Bonilla says

    So cute this girl dresses and also thank you for sharing with all mom’s your work!!! Thank you again and you rock. A great inspiration for all of us.

  81. I’m new to this, what do you mean by “cut 2 on fold”?

  82. The dress went together beautifully. The fit seemed perfect, but it was super hard to get over my little one’s head and shoulders. Any suggestions?

  83. Vickie Richardson says

    If I print the pattern will it be actual size or do I need to change something in settings for it to be the right size?


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