refashioned skirt tutorial

you’ll need:
a skirt
the normal sewing stuff (thread, machine, pins, and elastic)

a onesie or pattern for bloomers

first measure how long you’d like your skirt to be, and around your child’s waist. you’ll want to add a few inches to the top depending on how wide your elastic is, for the casing, and for seam allowances on the sides. (about 1/2 on each side works for me!)
then cut out two pieces, i cut mine out in a slight a-line shape, and you’ll notice the back piece is a tad longer than the front. this is to accommodate the elastic in the back.
sew your pieces together along the sides, making sure to match up the bottom and any stitching. serge or zig zag your edges.
now for the built in diaper cover (if you need it, if not, skip this part!) i used a pattern that came with a dress pattern i’d purchased but was kinda…er…voluminous in the top portion, so i cut out the elastic and used the bottom finished half. you could also use a plain white onesie…just cut it to size.

now we’ll work on the waist. taking into account how much room at the top you allotted for the elastic, roll the edge over once, and then once again to form your casing, working a little bit at a time. slip the unfinished edge of your bloomers or onesie under the casing edge and pin it together as you go. make sure the leg holes are lined up with the front of your skirt! we wouldn’t want a crooked skirt now would we? also make sure you don’t pin it to your skirt so that it’s inside out. nope, never did that! not me. so now you can see how it’s pinned in there with the casing, right? just humor me if you don’t. now, sew around the bottom edge of the casing, leaving an inch or two un-sewn for your elastic to fit through. with the elastic, i kinda just winged it, but i basically pulled it all the way through..then sewed one side down (all layers, along the side seam so it was not noticeable), and then trimmed as close as i could on that side…then i pulled the elastic so that it bunched in the back and so that it measured close to my daughter’s waist measurement (stretched out). then i sewed it in on the other side, and trimmed as close as i could on that side as well.
hope this picture helps a bit! i then sewed the casing gap closed, and top stitched along the top of the front of the skirt for a finished look.
please ignore the puckers along the top. i don’t mind them…so whatever. haha. please, let me know if you have any questions, i’ll do my best to answer them!


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  1. So cute! I love the one of a kind creations from thrift store finds, and this one is such a cute little girl wardrobe staple!

  2. nenuphar says

    This is a lovely tutorial – very many thanks for sharing it.
    Now I’m going to try and make one for my little grand-daughter!

  3. Hmmm I wonder if I could do this for myself out of my husband’s jeans lol.

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