Crafty Crafty

Sooo….I’ve been busy lately playing with my new sewing machine! I got the Brother SE-350. It’s pretty awesome. It even does embroidery! Rory liked that feature the best. Here are a few things I’ve made with my new machine. I will post a pic of my machine sometime soon, when it’s not pitch black outside and I have more light. Now, off to bed. I have a stuffy nose. Isn’t that a side effect of pregnancy? Either that or allergies. Great.

Well, I just outlined this with the machine. Cute huh?

Bib and burp cloth set

perfect burp cloth for a future punk rocker. 🙂


  1. Cool! You’ve been busy! Was that bib already done and you just added the printed fabric or was that completely done by you?

  2. Very cute!

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