belgian style kids clothes (hint: they rock!)

I’m so excited to be guest posting today over on Straight Grain, for An’s Kids Clothes-Belgian Style series. All I had to do was take a peek at her Belgian kids clothes pinterest board to know that I. loved. it. 

The bright colors, the pattern mixing, the layering! It seems like the Belgians really know how to let a kid dress like, well…a kid! So I had the time of my life sewing this outfit, and Sadie in turn loves it too!

Tutorial for the cardi coming soon! 

So hop over there to see all the details on this fun outfit!


  1. great to know we’re so appreciated lol

  2. Absolutely Adorable!!

  3. Fantastic “Belgian Style’ outfit!!!

    Debora from Belgium

  4. I love the outfit. I asked my daughter if she would wear a dress like that. She replied – Oh yes, and a yellow cardigan!!.

  5. Love this fabric! Adorable outfit!


  6. The whole outfit is adorable. But I am IN LOVE with that yellow cardigan! :)

  7. Oh, absolutely beautiful!!!! I’ll buy geranium pattern now!

  8. Love this! thank you for inspiring me!

  9. Hey nice blog!! keep posting!! If you need any kids clothes visit

  10. Love the cardigan, and the tunic is adorable. =)

  11. Belgium rules!! And I can know!!
    Nice outfit

  12. Definitely a gorgeous ensemble. Love the patterns and colours. :D

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