KCWC: fox peasant dress

Definitely, this dress is one of my favorite versions of the peasant dress that I’ve done. I’m enamored with the fox fabric. Sheesh. FOXES. They’re like the new owl, folks. Or duck-bill platypus. (inside joke) So lemme give you the deets:

Fabric: Playful Fox in Blue from Timber and Leaf
Pattern: the Sweet Dress by Leila and Ben, adapted with my drawstring waist tutorial.

I’ve always used this pattern since I received it for my first season of Project Run and Play, though I always adjust the hem, it’s too curved for my liking. I sewed this up in a size 4T, which is perfect for Sadie. I also left the elastic out of the sleeves, I loved them without it.


She loves it, wore it the rest of the day. That’s when I know I have a winner-if she refuses to take it off after the shoot!

Also if she starts doing ballet moves, that also means she likes it.


  1. Love this! That fabric is just to die for!



  2. Ohhhhhhh foxes! Funny about the ballet moves, sounds like my 4 year old!

  3. So pretty, lovely fabric that matches your daughter’s skin tone so well!

  4. LOVE this and read through with my 4 year old and she wants one just like it of course. 😉

  5. so lovely! The added waist casing is a really cute detail. I have this pattern, so must give it a try! Love it sewn in this fabric:)

  6. Love it. I use that pattern a lot, but the drawstring waist you added gives it a much nicer shape (I feel like the plain dress falls into the “muumuu” category).

  7. That fabric is AWESOME! The only thing that could make it better would be a platypus 😉

  8. Can the next “it” animal PLEASE be the duck-billed platypus? That would be completely awesome.

  9. Super cute! Great job!!! :)

  10. I love this dress! Seriously, you sew the neatest stuff! I am amazed at all you get done with 3 kiddos! Beautiful!

  11. Love the dress! That fox fabric is adorable!

  12. Cute fabric! And I have to say, I love the pigtails. =)

  13. fox is the new owl. Heard it here first! I agree!

  14. Soooo lovely! Iam pinning this one!

  15. You are a sewing MACHINE! (I have no intention for that pun!) Seriously, when do you NOT sew!!!! You are on fire! COngrats on all the winnings on PRP this year and love the dress.

  16. Everything you make is so cute…I honestly want to make it all in my size :)

  17. Adorable dress! That is just the cutest fabric!

  18. *swoon* I LOVE this!! Just looked at the pattern link and wondering if I’d be smart enough to incorporate your adjustments (drawstring waist, hem, etc.). I love it just the way you did it…

  19. i adore this. the sweet dress has been one of my most used (and loved) patterns. i love your addition of the dropped waist. and yes, i believe you’re right – foxes ARE the new owl!

  20. Nancy Prokop says:

    Thanks for the heads up on pocket problems for the bubble short pattern. As I was putting it together I was very aware that the pro you are had trouble so I was extra careful. Thanks! They are adorable.

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