KCWC: the sadie tunic

This girl is having too much fun posing her heart out this week! She’s earning tons of squinkies, too, so she’s in heaven pretty much. So for this tunic I used Shauna‘s fantastic Sadie tunic pattern. It was just a matter of time til I sewed up this one…after all it has a great name! 😉

The fabric is Josephine Kimberling Just Dandy in Scattered Dots Blue Jay and the solid is the turquoise Bella solid from my fab sponsor the Ribbon Retreat!

I love the welt pockets! Confession: they were my first welt pockets I’ve ever sewn. Oh so easy, too! Rory wandered in while I was doing them and was confused by them…lol. That was before I added the pocket piece so it was basically two holes in the front of the tunic. Can’t blame the guy I guess!

I sewed up the 2/3T size and it’s a little big on the Sadester. (nothing new here she’s kind of a string bean with a BIG noggin….Charlotte too…my little “bobbleheads”, I call them) It was a pretty quick sew and of course turned out lovely. (I love Shwin & Shwin patterns!) It’ll look so cute with some brown leggings and a white long sleeved tee once it gets cold. Which it’s finally starting to here in NorCal…yay!


  1. this is so absolutely darling!!! i la-la-love it!

  2. I get the same reaction from my husband when performing sewing feats, as well. He was totally scratching his head about french seams one night while watching me work. I guess we take our knowledge for granted after a while.

    Cute tunic!

  3. So lovely tunic ! I like it :)

  4. Fun tunic, I like how the pockets and buttons are contrasting.
    I’m usually the one scratching my head while I’m trying to figure out a new technique… I should take notes as I go, because half the time I have to re-figure the construction of some complicated part 3 or 4 times before I finish it.

  5. I bet Sadie and Em are the exact same size. Hehe. This is way cute. I’ve never made a Shwin pattern and I really want to!! What’s my deal?!

  6. Oh, my goodness! She is so cute!!

    Oops, I mean – really nice work on the tunic, Jess!

  7. Adorable. She looks absolutely lovely in that tunic. And the colours are so fresh and fun!

  8. Gorgeous Jess! I’d love to learn those welt pockets – good excuse to get this pattern :)

  9. i admire the patterns you pick up for your girl.. such pretty fabric too.. kind makes me wish for a lil girl too..

  10. Your girl is sooo cute!

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