outfit a day: maternity style

I’ve had some requests for maternity outfit posts-I seem to be taking a lot less pictures for the outfit a day series, mainly because my maternity wardrobe is tees and shorts right now. Nothing to write home about. Sundays are fun though (sometimes) because then I can fancy it up a little bit.¬† So anyways here are some outfits-keep in mind some are from awhile ago, so when I seem to balloon up from picture to picture, that’s why. Or all that chocolate I keep eating…one of the two. ūüėČ Also, a¬† few of the pics will look a bit familiar from Monday’s post!

Skirt: thrift-$3
Belt: thrift-$2
Cardigan: thrift-$4
Shoes: thrift-$6
Necklace: Etsy ( I actually sent it back it to get another row of beads added-love it more now!)-$45
Shirt: Downeast-$10
flower: Forever 21-$2                   Total: $72

On Charlotte:
dress: made by me
Shoes: gift
headband: made by me
Belle doll: Target
Sad Face: ???

Skirt: made by me
Top: Motherhood-$26
Cardi: thrift $5
Shoes: Payless-$12
Earrings: Target-$12?
Bracelet: Walmart   -$5                       Total: $60

Top: borrowed
Cardi: thrift-$4
Skirt: ??
Shoes: Payless-$20
Necklace: Forever 21-$8
Belt: thrift-$2
Earrings: made by me                     Total: $34

Top: Target maternity-$10
Skirt: made by me
Cardi: Target-$15
Necklace: thrift-$5
Shoes: Payless-$19                       Total: $49
Tank: Old Navy-$8
Cardi: thrift-$3
Belt: Target-$15
Necklace: Kohls-.87 cents with coupon!
Skirt: made by me       
Shoes: I guess I was barefoot?                              Total: $26.87

Skirt: made by me
Shirt: Target maternity-$10
cardi: Target-$15
Shoes: Payless-$15
Necklace: GroopDealz-$20?                  Total: $60

and the girls-we all coordinated today, lol! 
On Sadie: 
lace leggings: GroopDealz
Shirt: Walmart
On Charlotte: 
dress: made by me
clippie: made by me
and a few iphone/instagram pics (craftinessisnotoptional if you want to follow me!)
29 weeks
Top: Target-$12
Cardi: Target-$15
Shorts: Ross-$10
Earrings: Forever 21-$3
Flip flops, probably: Old Navy-$3                       Total: $43

 30 weeks-just last Sunday!

Tee: Target-$10
Cardi: thrifted-$3
Belt: GroopDealz-$6  i think?
Necklace: GroopDealz-$10 i think?
Jean skirt: Motherhood-$20  
ancient black flats that are the only comfy shoes right now: No clue.

Total: $49

and one more since they’re so darn cute.
Shorts: hand me downs
flips: Old Navy
Hat: Target
skirt: made by me
flips: ??


  1. love it! Your maternity style is so inspiring! I love the first intstagram photo with the striped top and mustard cardi the best I think. You are so good at picking out colours you are wearing with matching coloured jewellery :) Jenny

  2. Love it !!

    You are so pretty :)

  3. You are looking fantastic!

  4. so cute!! and I love your striped skirt!

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  6. Your photos always make me happy. If I was having a bad day I would make sure to look at your blog just to see the smiling faces!

    Love the outfits. Baby bump is really growing!!!

  7. You have such great style.. even pregnant! And I’m loving the skirts you made. I sorta want to make some for me and I’m not even pregnant!! :)

  8. Three things…

    1. You are SO gorgeous!

    2. You have made me consider layering more. It makes you look so put together.

    3. I have GOT to check out GroopDealz!

  9. You are adorable! I love your skirts and the cardigans paired with them are perfect.

  10. Lovely lady…you look wonderful.

  11. You look soooooo lovely! :) Blessings!

  12. Great outfits – I just picked up the taupe, coral & gold top thrifting = $2! I never score that well!

  13. Just a quick hello to say thank you for all of your inspiration! I’m celebrating my first year of blogging this month, and wanted to let you know I mentioned your blog… I have really enjoyed following you… and crafting along with you… Jennifer

    p.s. If you want to check it out you can here…


  14. You are gorgeous!! And also the girls!! Loved the colours of your outfits, specially the turquoise with coral!! Kisses from Brazil. :)

  15. You are just the cutest thing! Love all the outfits! Wish I was this stylish when preggers!

  16. You dress WAY cuter than I ever did as a pregnant lady! Thankfully I won’t get another shot to be a cute preggo =)

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