little striped top

I had the hankering for a quick sewing project the other day so I pulled out some knits and made this little top for Sadie. I’m thinking that I should sew for Charlotte more, though…Sadie is such a stinker when it comes to photo shoots nowadays! Although once she gets down to business she always pulls through. (she usually needs the promise of a Squinkie and some candy. Sheesh she is getting more and more expensive of a model every week!)

It’s such a simple top, easy to put together, and I love the stripes with the solid top. I’m thinking I might have to make more for her! (cause really Charlotte has WAY too many tops right now…she’s growing into all of Sadie’s old stuff)

I don’t have much of a tutorial for you, because I basically used this one, with a few changes. 

I cut the pattern in half higher up (add seam allowance when you cut the piece out), and extended the sleeves out like so. (similar to the Leah top but not so high)

Then I sewed it up the same as the colorblock tee, adding binding on the sleeves before sewing up the sides. I left the bottom hem raw since it’s jersey and won’t fray, and was a little short on her. It’s super easy because essentially there’s no sleeves to set in! yahoo!


  1. Beautiful. She is happy!

  2. She looks very cute in her new shirt. Love the stripes!

  3. I love this shirt…ummm, I want this shirt. For me. Not for my kids. HA!

    Thanks so much for sharing Jess – love it!

  4. The simplest of things, maybe cause its simple enough for me to try?! Very cute.

  5. This is adorable! I may have to try this one!

    Take care,


  6. Katherine says:

    What an adorable top!

  7. it is so cute!!!!! I love those stripes and it looks so soft and comfy. :) yes, modeling does come with a price, isn’t that funny how they negotiate?!

  8. So fun! Where do you get your knits? Do you buy them online?

  9. I just want to know…how do you find the time?! Very cute top btw.

  10. Absolutely darling!

  11. Absolutely darling!

  12. Absolutely darling!

  13. Cute! Perfect little top.

  14. Cute! Perfect little top.

  15. She can definitely jack up any modeling price… too cute!! :)

  16. I’m thinking I may need to make a version for myself. Inspiration! And would be comfy…. Thanks for helping us keep our creative juices flowing.

  17. so cute! such a perfect fit on her, too. funny, my older one is still a MUCH better model than my little one, but maybe that’ll shift as he gets older too…

  18. Oh she is so cute……….:)

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