the Veronica dress

 This is basically round one of Easter dresses this year. I made this one for Charlotte, but then I found that vintage sheet and had to use it! So this one got knocked down to regular Sunday dress. I’ll do up a little tutorial in the near future!


  1. Cute cute cute!!! I am excited for the tutorial.

  2. Ah! That second picture is adorable! I squeal and die!! 😀

  3. Oh sheesh! What a tease :) Lovely little dress and model.


  5. So cute! Don’t you just love how fun toddlers are?


  6. Your girl is just too cute!!!!

  7. That sweet little face! Charlotte is such a cutie. :)

    Also, I’m not sure how to express my amazement at your continued ability to crank out such amazing children’s clothing. Seriously, Jess. Seriously.

  8. It’s very pretty :) and I love the fabric!

  9. It is so cute! I love it. When I have a little girl the poor thing is going to have so many handmade dresses…she’s going to hate me!

  10. Can I just say you have the best taste in fabric for their dresses? I always love what you choose. She looks sooo pretty in blue!

  11. So cute! I love all your ideas and that you take all the time to make tutorials up for the rest of us with no imagination! Thanks!

  12. So much cuteness, I can hardly stand it! 😀

  13. so very adorable. wondeful model, lol. love the headband

  14. I made my daughter a dress out of that same material! So cute! :)

  15. Really really cute! I just wanted to let you know I featured this project on Scout’s Sweet Sunday!

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