something kinda different Maypole Carousel giveaway


I’ve mentioned my parents’ new woodworking/crafty company a few times I think, so I am excited to have them back for another giveaway! This time they are giving away a wooden Maypole carousel-the original set (with horses) and an add-on Easter module, complete with adorable bunnies and eggs. (which can be painted different colors as well, or left plain….just let them know!)

My girls LOVE spinning these around-so do all the other kiddos who come over when we host play dates and such. There’s something nice and calming about watching it spin around. 😉 They have a video on their site that shows how it works.

They also have some other adorable modules (they’re super easy to switch out for different holidays)…Christmas, and circus animals. (which would be adorable in a little boy’s nursery!)

 Also, they’ve added wooden scissors to their shop, so if you were hankering after my set of shears, you can now get yourself a pair! Sah weet.
 They are giving away a a wooden Maypole carousel-the original set (with horses) and an add-on Easter module to one lucky reader! 
Also, all you lovely readers can use the promo code: craftiness to receive an extra 10% off your order!

To enter:
Visit their shop and do some window shopping, then let me know a few of the products you like…
Additional entries:
Like their Facebook page, and let me know in a comment on this post.
Please leave an email address with at least one of your comments!
I’ll choose a winner Sunday evening, the 1st. (so if I email you that you won, just go ahead and trust that I’m not April Fool-ing you. lol!)

 Good luck!

The winner is….Alissa!


  1. I love the circus animals! My thing is giraffes, don’t know why! I love it, so cute and fun!


  2. I think you meant product not fabric right?

    In any case love the animals!

  3. I love the zoo animals! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  4. Definitely the maypole carousel.


  5. Oh my daughter would LOVE this… and it’s just beautiful! The Suzuki Method information was interesting as well. I see your eldest in some of the pictures, how old was she when she started? My daughter is 2 and my mom recommended the violin to start as an instrument. My niece plays violin but started directly on an instrument.

  6. I HEART those wooden scissors! They just make me so happy! And how cool would one of those wood pens be?!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cameron.lawracy AT

  7. I already liked them on fb. username Nora Mac.

  8. I love the beautiful simplicity of these!! No batteries and lots of entertainment? Yes please!
    I think my favorite is the Christmas set, as I adore the holiday, but if were forced to not pick that one I’d go with the circus animals :)

  9. I liked them on facebook, and shared them on Pinterest as well.

  10. I love the Circus Animal set, so sweet! thanks!
    mnrridgeway (at)gmail(dot)com

  11. I would love one of the violins. We’re planning on starting lessons for at least one child in the next year. Everything they sell I would love, actually. The carousels are adorable!

    kmnordeen @ gmail . com

  12. Liked their FB page!

    kmnordeen @ gmail . com

  13. I love the maypole with horses. It’s very Scandinavian looking. Reminds me of something my mother would love.

  14. The horses are adorable!

  15. those carousels are absolutely awesome. i love all the interchangeable options :)

  16. I love the advent calendars!

    Great shop, I’ve bookmarked it for when Christmas and birthdays come around!

  17. I like the circus animals! And of course, those wooden scissors. If I could, I’d buy a dozen for all my aunts and my grandma.

    rachaelclayson at gmail

  18. I love the original carousel! It reminds me of my best friend’s daughter who is obsessed with them!

  19. the wooden scissors are so fun/!

  20. Wow, that’s really cool. Love the carousel, and love that you can change the animals seasonally. Circus animals really cute! The wool advent calendar is also beautiful, some real talent in this family! Elisa,

  21. I love the maypole, scissors, and advent calendar. Your dad is very talented! You must be related. LOL. You know my email address.

  22. I love maypoles! I can’t believe they came up with one that you can swap out the pieces for different holidays – amazing!

  23. I liked on FB and left a comment.

  24. This would be just lovely in our house! I also love the Advent calendars! What a special way to honour the Christmas season!

  25. Raffaella says:

    Love love love the carousels!!! Also love the “Better than a box violin!

  26. I like the maypole, advent calendar and violin. I did the Suzuki method and started on a box, but the wooden violin looks so much more realistic!

  27. I like their facebook page.

  28. The maypoles are so cute, my girls would love them! What a great shop your parents have, I love the scissors, too.

  29. I like them on facebook. tara(dot)ricker(at)gmail(dot)com

  30. The maypole is adorable! And I think the Suzuki method violin is hilarious (and awesome). I started playing cello with the Suzuki method, but I guess I was old enough to skip straight to the instrument since I didn’t know about the box technique. Ooh, it would be neat if your parents also made a better-than-a-box cello! 😀

  31. I love love LOVE the maypole with the horses! My daughter would play would that for hours!


  32. I love the circus animal maypole. Darling!

  33. I love the Maypole with the horses!

  34. I liked their FB page! Hope I win. :-)

  35. Just realized I forgot to include my e-mail…it is stoosgirl(at)gmail(dot)com

  36. I love the violin. It is beautiful. The scissors are incredible. The Maypole is brest. I like the Christmas one a lot.
    Kamberdawn at gmail dot com

  37. The maypole is beautiful, fun and definitely my kind of style (the circus animals are too cute.) The advent calander is also a super cute idea!

  38. I like Somethingkindadifferent on FB.

  39. Wow! What great products and such beautiful wood working skills. I love the maypole and adore the intricate laser cut details on the animals (bunny ears!!! so cute).

    leannolsen at hotmail dot com

  40. I visited their shop, and I think my fav thing is the may pole!!! I love how you can switch out the figures for the season!

  41. Hi, Jess! I loved their shop, I love this natural wood look!
    My favourite is definitely the maypole carousel with horse merry go round, love those cute horses… It would be perfect since we just found out we’re expecting a baby, I’m so excited!
    But I also love “your” scissors and would look great on my sewing room.
    They’re my favourites!
    Best of luck! ♥

  42. I just liked SomethingKindaDifferent Facebook page. :)

  43. I love the circus animals! Tabitha is so obsessed with animals now she would love this!

  44. I’m already a FB fan

  45. I loooove the scissors! So cute!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Love the carousel with the Easter theme! So cute!
    Vmcwdk @

  47. I love the felt Nativity Advent calendar! The maypole carousel is also super cute!


  48. I love the carousel with the different modules! I like to have something special to decorate with for each season or holiday.


  49. I pretty much loved everything on there :), but my favorite has got to be the better than a box violin with bow.

  50. I also liked them on facebook.

  51. i really like the circus set, esp. that little seal! too cute.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  52. i have liked them on facebook!!

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  53. I know my daughter would love to play with Easter bunny one and then we could purchase the Christmas one for her also. We also have lots of little friends who I know would love to have one of those in their rooms.

  54. I liked them on facebook

  55. I love the scissors and the violin, such cool items!

  56. I liked them on FB

  57. The wooden scissors and advent calendars are great! Thank you. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  58. I loved the advent calendar and also the elephant. :)

  59. I love the circus animal module! I have a thing for giraffes. :)

  60. I LOVE the violin!! But I know my daughter would be in love with a Santa carousel. :)

  61. Anonymous says:

    OOH! I really like the maypole carousel. SUPER cute. I love all the stuff actually. Those scissors?! OH MY!!!
    I would LOVE to win anything actually from their shop!

  62. How wonderful- love the bunny carousel set- Easter not far away, but the circus would be a firm favourite- the excitement of an elephant, lion, giraffe and seal are perennial. PS liked the facebook page too.



  63. I love the Circus Animal set

    I love the Circus Animal set! Really hard to choose though!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  64. Those Maypole carousels are so cute, love the circus animals. Also loving the wooden scissors.
    Can I win in the little old UK?

  65. Those maypoles are great! I love that they’re interchangeable. I also like the advent calendar. It’s really sweet.

  66. Those maypoles are great! I love that they’re interchangeable. I also like the advent calendar. It’s really sweet.

  67. ooh! Tough choice! I think I like the circus animal set! But some wooden scissors….tough choice! :)

  68. & now I’ve liked them too. :) sabrina . mcgrath @ gmail (no spaces)

  69. Dig the better than a box violin

  70. Anonymous says:

    the maypole is just adorable…..

  71. Love the Easter maypole! So adorable!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  72. Love the Easter maypole! So adorable!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  73. Love the Easter maypole! So adorable!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  74. Love the Easter maypole! So adorable!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  75. Anonymous says:

    Such cute things! I love the maypole the best, but I also love the scissors and the violin!


  76. I love the wool Advent calendar…and the maypoles of course. They are so sweet, such a fun wooden toy.

  77. I love the sissors!! And the maypole! How cleaver to have holiday add ons.
    Kim D

  78. I really like the Christmas temple ornaments and of course the maypole. I bookmarked the temple ornament page, those would make good gifts!

  79. I play violin—my daughter is 3.5 so I am attracted to the suzuki style beginner violin carving. I also love the carousell

    shannerpants AT gmail

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