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Hey gals, today I wanted to let you know about a wonderful lady named Magaret Andrade. She has been working with a local school sewing group and friends of hers, to make and donate dresses to send to girls all over the world….who have almost no clothing at all. 


Can you imagine? Sadie could not wrap her mind around it when I told her I was making them for little girl who had no dresses. She was happy to let them go once I explained how excited they would be to see their new dresses. Part of me was imagining those cute grins…and hoping these would go to a pair of sisters. :)

Margaret has a simple goal of donating 50 dresses (and she’s paying for the international shipping to get them sent off!)…and she needs some help to meet that goal. If you’d like to get involved, you can contact her at:

 Pillowcase dresses are so ridiculously easy to make, these took me about 2 hours-and it was a great Sunday activity-although service feels good any day of the week! I know I have lots more fabric that could stand to be used for a good cause. 😉

p.s. the fabric is Joel Dewberry’s Blockprint in Fuschia and Amber, from Lily Bella Fabrics.


p.p.s. I didn’t use a specific tutorial for these dresses-just do a search for pillowcase dress tutorial and you should be able to find a plethora of them! (that’s the reason I didn’t make a tute, lol!)


  1. Thanks for sharing this! What a wonderful way to use our sewing skills.

    Can you share what pattern/tutorial you used to make the pillowcase dresses?

  2. they are so pretty jess, love that you made them to donate. :) makes me happy.

  3. Does she work with Little Dresses for Africa, or is she doing it herself?

  4. Beautiful dresses! My group of friends did the same thing and sent them to Dress a Girl Around the World. Such a great way to share our talents with those who are in need!

  5. That’s awesome to help people! We are so blessed, we all can give something, and it feels so good!


  6. @msrm13-not sure which organization it’s for, but email her for more info!

  7. Email sent. I’ve been looking for a new humanitarian aid project for our RS, this just may be it. :) Thanks.

    And I love the dresses, they’re beautiful. Great work. Really, can you imagine not having a dress for your little girl? I really hope these brighten someone’s day.

  8. Cute dresses and for such a good cause!!

  9. hai jess..

    how i wish to have a little girl so that i can sew and sew and sew.. and i wish to do same in future is GOD not granted me with little girl of own…

    love the dresses.. and love to see you super saddie..


  10. what a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing and of course beautiful dresses!

  11. I happened across your blog via Pinterest today and I have to say that this post came at just the right time! I have the free time to do some service, and I’m working on my sewing skills…Hopefully the dresses will turn out well!

  12. Precious! What a great cause. I love making pillow case dresses, and have been using ribbon for the sash. But it doesn’t always stand up well in the wash. Love that you made the sashes here. I will have to do that on my next one!

  13. As soon as I read this post, I knew it was a perfect project that I could work on. Thanks for sharing the info. I made two dresses and just wrote a post about them on my blog.


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