gorsh, another peasant dress?

I know, I tend to make these alot-but they’re so easy and cute! Plus they make great play dresses, which Sadie wants to wear most days. When she’s not sporting the stripes-on-stripes look, that is. (which is a good look, should document that sometime…har har)

I used my favorite peasant top/dress pattern, (lengthening the dress and sleeves) and added a little elastic band in the middle with some mustard fabric. For the belt, I used Dana’s method from this tutorial. (also a good peasant tutorial!)

I love the pop of color against the navy and white fabric (don’t have the selvage for that, sorry. I got it on this trip) It was pretty cold when we snapped these quick pics, so that’s why she’s so squinched up. She’s still adorable, if you ask me. 😉

Guys, I think my mojo is making a comeback! I have plans for a new sew-along soon! hooray!


  1. <3

  2. LOVE the fabric combo, looks great :)

  3. ooh, I really like the fabric combo too! I’m digging navy and mustard. Recently I picked up a fat quarter each of some Echo in navy and mustard and I’m trying to decide what to do with it.

  4. This is such a cute dress! Looks really nice and suits your adorable model incredibly 😀

  5. So sweet! I love the fabric pattern too.

  6. Cute! I made a peasant-topped dress last week for my daughter’s Pinkalicious dress. It turned out pretty cute. I think I may be getting the hang of this peasant top thing… Your dress is adorable- I like the pop of color, too!

  7. Adorable! I love the colors!

  8. super duper cute, as always!!

  9. Sooo cute, love the color combo! Love that cute face too!

  10. Love these pictures she is such a sweetheart! This dress is perfect for her.

  11. Love it! The fabric is awesome and Sadie is ADORABLE!

  12. Love the color combination. Yes, she is always adorable. :)

  13. j’adore ! et ta fille est adorable

  14. I think your mojo is definitely back! Such adorable tops and dresses popping up! Great job, as always Jess!

  15. adorble!

  16. adorble!

  17. adorble!

  18. adorble!

  19. adorble!

  20. simply adorable!

  21. Super cute! I love me some peasant tops.

  22. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am in love with it. I run a financial encouragement blog (www.theholeinmyhandbag.blogspot.com) and one of my goals is to learn how to mend and make our clothing… especially for my little ones. You have inspired me to get the ball rolling!

  23. woohoo! I can’t wait for the sew-along!

  24. How adorable is Sadie?! I love peasant dresses- especially with awesome fabrics and elastic in the middle. I totally need to make a “belt” like this. Glad your mojo’s coming back. :)

  25. Woohoo for your mojo! I have a scarf the color of Sadie’s waistband from Target (no, that’s actually quite an accomplishment, we don’t have Target in Canada) so now we’re pretty much twins. Which means I’m absolutely adorable as well.
    I was wondering why she looked kind of sweetly bashful… she’s just cold! I wonder if I try photograph Nicole in the cold if she’ll do that. Too cold to move? Perfect, let me shoot wide open then. Ha.

  26. Cute! I love that mustard color on the sash, and I think peasant dresses are the best since little gals like Sadie can easily dress themselves. Sewalong sounds intriguing…! :)

  27. Adorable!

  28. So cute!! Sadie has mastered your “looking at the floor” pose! :)

  29. Gorgeous! Both model and dress :)

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