Simplicity 2599

It’s me, here with yet another top. 😀 This time I made Simplicity 2599, view B with view D ruffles. Honestly, the fit was a little weird. I had to take in the sides a lot and the dart didn’t really hit the girls in the right place. The neck gapes a little bit too, and for the life of me, I couldn’t get the facing to lay flat! I think I might have cut it out wrong.

But it is cute (belted more so than normal-style), and the fabric is fun. (Tina Givens voile)

We’ll see if I try it again, though. Maybe I’ll learn from my mistakes. (thanks to Rory for these pics)


  1. Greetings from Poland :)

    I watch your blog for a while now. You are doing really great job :) This shirt (as all of them, actually) really suits you – the color and shape. Really nice and elegant :)
    I want one too…
    Looking forward to see more of your stuff :)

  2. Of all the shirts you have made, this is my favourite! I see that you have forgotten Sadie and Charlotte! heheheh..I mean forgotten sewing for them for a while…you should sew more for yourself! I didn’t see any mistakes in this shirt, to me it’s perfect, good print and good execution. I think this would make a very nice drses too…lengthen the top!…You look good!

    Come on, Jess, make a dress for yourself! I am also starting out to sew for myself after sewing so many dresses for my Little Terror. You may want to visit my blog to see my My-First-Made-For-Me dress. Cheers!

  3. I love the print and colour of this top! They look great on you.

  4. you look so cute! I think it looks really pretty on you, the color is great especially. But I totally understand about the fit issues, sometimes commercial patterns like that are just weird. Anyway, you look great!

  5. Hi there =)

    First, i wanna say that i love your blog, i’ve been following for a while.

    Second, i love the shirt, it’s beatifull.

    Kisses from a follower from Portugal

    I’m sorry about my english it’s terrible :S

  6. Wow. Looks great. Color is great too! Wish I could sew clothes. I don’t understand directions that well. lol. Thanks so much for sharing.


  7. cute! You look great. That color is really nice on yoU!

  8. How many tops have you sewed for you this month? This one is really nice.

    Greetings from Spain 😉

  9. So cute on you! Yeah for ruffles!

  10. I love these tops that you’re making and your review of each. I mostly sew for my little girls but I have a stack of patterns for myself that I’ve lacked the courage to try. Thanks for the inspiration!

    If you need a dress pattern, Simplicity 3833, view B, gets my vote. Mostly because I want to try a colorblocked version and haven’t seen anyone online who’s done it with sleeves! As if you’re not busy enough . . .

  11. You did such a nice job! Are you choosing the size of your pattern based on your full bust measurement or your high bust (right under your arms) measurement? The top looks big around the neck maybe because it is too big. Big three patterns are sized based on your high bust measurement and then if you are larger than a B cup you need to a full bust adjustment. There are lots of nice tutorials on-line. Darts are often something you’ll have to adjust anyway-especially since you’ve had children as gravity and pregnancy cause things to droop a bit!

    I really enjoy your blog.

    Micki (long time lurker)

  12. Jess you’re sewing some REALLY CUTE STUFF! And finding your “inner model” as well :) Congratulations

  13. I am totally inspired to start making some of my own clothes after seeing how many shirts you have been able to make!

  14. Wow, you look great! Finally we got a nice smile out of ya ;). The colour really suits you and nothing seems wrong with the top. Now I’m tempted to try out those Simplicity patterns. I always found them daunting but you make it seem so simple. Keep it real and Keep Smiling!

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  16. I love all these shirts you’re cranking out! I’m always excited to make little dresses for my girls, but when it comes to things for myself, I get nervous. Thanks for that added little boost of confidence!


  17. i have the same problem with this pattern. i think it was my choice of fabric. too thick. looks good on you though!

  18. I made that same shirt and had the same neck gaping/facings issue! I always always have to wear it with an undershirt now (even in 110 degree Georgia weather) because I’m afraid of flashing my coworkers when I lean forward LOL

  19. I agree with everyone else–I think it looks cute! but bummer that it doesn’t fit right for you. I get so annoyed when I work hard on something like that and it just doesn’t quite turn out right, so frustrating. Sorry. But cute pics! :)

  20. AHHHH! I Like LOVE this shirt! Where’s the love button? I love the fabric and do you know what I LOVE even more? The jeans/pants color. Oh MY! Where did you get them? I have like a bajillion blue jeans and a few pairs of black and white jeans but no gray. SOOO Cute! Love it.

  21. By far your best one – the colour totally looks great on you!

  22. So cute! I love that color on you. The pleated ruffle neckline is adorable. I lve the shirt with jeans, and it looks like it would look great with dress pants too! Thanks for sharing.

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