prize ribbon tutorial

Here’s how I made some simple prize ribbons for the pony race winners at last week’s Mary Poppins party!
You’ll need:
crepe paper streamers
hot glue gun
pin backs
lighter or fray check to seal ends
I cut out circles from my cardboard, nothing fancy…I used something hanging around my craft room-spool of thread or something. They were about 2″ across. Then I cut out pieces of ribbon about 4-5″ long, with the ends cut at an angle. I cut my streamers into 14″ pieces.
First glue the ribbons near the bottom of the circle.
Then I folded the streamer in half like so.
Dab some glue around the edge…
Then place your streamers down, pinching to pleat it around the edge. I glued it-folded side in.
Keep doing that all around the circle, then tuck the end under, trimming if necessary.
Then I glued a pin onto the back of each prize ribbon.
I designed some simple tags, printed them on cardstock, and punched them out with my 2″ circle punch, and glued them on as well. (if you’d like the printables I made, send me an email and I’d be happy to email it to you!)
Easy, but a fun little party detail!
You could customize these for other competitions or other party themes…equestrian parties, etc… (don’t laugh, I would have LOVED one of those when I was younger) hehe.


  1. Cute stuff! And it looks pretty easy to make. Thanks for the fun idea.

  2. That looks so simple! Thank you for the tute.

  3. Haha! yeah, I would have loved an equestrian party too. I think I still would :)

  4. So cute!! Love the idea, you could even use curling ribbon for the tail ribbon and put them on sticks instead of pins to make fairy/princess wands. Obviously I’m in pixie party planning mode lol.

  5. Yeah, Janey has worn hers for at least parts of every day since the party. Kids love love love awards. Today she told me that she really liked the pony race, but not that it hurt her bum. SO funny. :)

  6. Great! We are doing a dutch oven cook off in our ward and I am in charge of categories for awards so these will be great!

  7. Was I the only one that thought this was based on “The Last Roundup” from My Little Pony?

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