McCalls M6354

I made one dress in the great sewing spree of ’11…..and I kinda love my new dress. I was inspired by this dress:

I had some linen in my stash (just enough for the top) and some gold floral cotton I’d gotten at Hobby Lobby in May…so put the two together, with this pattern, and wha-la. A kind-of knock off. It’s really comfortable. Though the top is a little gapey and might be too big for me. I sewed it in a size medium. It was one of the easiest patterns I’ve ever followed, the instructions and pictures were really simple and understandable. 
I can’t wait to make this in a top. Maybe in some voile….yes. ok. I’m addicted to voile.

By the by, I have Sadie’s Jolly Holiday dress all finished and everything, she just surprisingly doesn’t want to try it on for me. I’m working on her, I think I’m wearing her down slowly with promises of Pez…. I’ll have pics up this week, promise! The party is on Saturday, I can’t wait! (ok, and neither can Sadie….)


  1. Very pretty dress! I can’t wait for Sadie’s birthday dress.

  2. I love, love, love it!

    It looks so comfy and so like a vintage dress I have been meaning to ‘copy’ for some time now………

  3. super cute dress!

  4. That is really cute! I could actually see myself wearing it!

  5. Love ie! It looks great!

  6. LOVE your new dress! Great job! (and an extra pat on the back for sewing a dress for yourself, which is harder than little girl sewing) The fabrics are perfect together. I’m excited for Sadie’s party!!

  7. Nice dress, congratulations!!!

  8. I’m going to have to pick that pattern up! It looks like it’ll be easy to modify and adjust! You look great, love the fabric!:)

  9. So cute! I might have to find that pattern next time I in the “real world”.

  10. Very pretty! Love the choice of fabrics. I need to see if there is a Hobby Lobby here… I think we have everything but that.

  11. tres joli j aime beaucoup bisessssssssss

  12. great craftsmanship, although I suppose that strictly speaking it should be “craftspersonship”!

    masterymistery at
    cosmic rapture

  13. The girls’ dresses are always a winner with me but I love this dress! You are so talented!

  14. Such a cute little dress! (and don’t worry, I’m also addicted to voile!)

  15. I also made this pattern ( and it’s sooooooo gapey. I just increased the overlap of the two panels, but I think if I did it again, I’d shorten the bodice and maybe add darts under the bust.

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