Simplicity 2593

(wow I do a good bucktooth impression)
I got a slew of Simplicity patterns at the latest Joann sale ($2 each!), so I’ve been working my way through them. So expect some more tops and pattern reviews. This is Simplicity 2593, view D. The fabric is Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile Four Square Sea. Her voile is a dream to work with, albeit a teensy bit slippery. It’s soooo (oooo) comfortable, too.
I shortened the sleeves a little bit, and they were still too long for my taste so I sewed up two tabs (two rectangles sewn RST, one end open. Turn right sides out and press, then I pinned it where I wanted it, sewed it down, then sewed a button on top to hide the stitches), to shorten the sleeves a little bit. I really like the added detail. I’m all about simple clothing with little details.
I’m not sure if I’m pledging allegiance, or covering my bra strap. Hmmm…
Anyways, the pattern and fit were great! It doesn’t have any darts either, which simplifies it even more. I do think I’ll bring in the neckline a little bit next time I make this pattern-it gapes a little too much for my comfort level. (I’ll just have to wear a wide strapped tank I guess) I sewed it in a size 12. (I’m usually an 8 or 10 in regular clothing, but patterns seem to run large)
Shazam. Beat that awesome face. Just don’t hurt yourself tryin’.


  1. Your shirt looks great! I bought that pattern a few months ago but haven’t attempted it yet. I don’t have much experience sewing clothes so I’m hoping mine turns into something I’ll actually wear. Good to know you used the 12. It sounds like we are about the same size, but I never know if I should trust the pattern sizes since they are always so much bigger than store-bought clothing. Thanks!

  2. looks great. that fabric is really nice on you. I even like the tank beneath- gives it an extra something. i LOVE what you did with the sleeves- really makes the shirt look finished. Great job!

  3. Very cute!

  4. love your fabric choice!

  5. This shirt is adorable! I really like it! I haven’t attempted any clothing patterns yet. I desperately want to though. Do you use a serger? I’m a new reader of your blog, by the way! Love it!

  6. Wow, that is really cute! Well done. Looking forward to more.

  7. That’s amazing!!! I’ve been saving some of the same voile in the pink/orange trying to find the right pattern to make a pretty top. Think I found it!! thanks

  8. You are too funny and cute. Love the shirt and the faces:).

  9. I love the tabs that you added! You have such a knack for adding great details to clothes!

  10. just darling! love the fabric and the sleeves!

  11. Glad to see another great shirt for you!! Fun fabric and pictures/commentary.

  12. Great job!
    Sign up for Hancock Fabrics e-mail notices…they have great sales on patterns “5 for $5.00” ( I don’t know why they just can’t advertise the patterns at $1.00 each!!) JoAnn’s does that too around major holiday! That’s the ONLY time I buy patterns, because for the most part…they just sit unopened! “)

  13. Very cute top! :)

  14. Haha! Your photo commentary is hilarious. And this shirt looks wonderful! Feel free to whip up an extra and send it my way. I mean, ya know, if you get bored.

  15. you are too funny. your crazy faces make me laugh. love your tops. i need to make more for myself!

  16. Well.. I love the awesome face at the end! =)
    Very cute top. I want the patience to make clothes.
    I am so much more of a quick-fix crafter..

    Love your blog.

  17. Hi I love both shirts. I tried to look them up on the simplicity website and they weren’t available. Hope to find them at my local Joann’s. I love both of them and all your great tutorials. I’m coming back to sewing after many years. You are inspiring!

  18. love this one too jess!

  19. @ Lilia: I purchased this pattern only a month ago at my local Joann’s. Hope you find it!

  20. I’ll take your Awesome Face and raise you a Do You Smell That face. Actually, it’s just my normal talking face, but that’s what it looks like. My mom has a snazzy little collection of photos of me at grand events like my grad and wedding and the like, making that face.

    Cute shirt! I need to get on with the sewing.

  21. Great top! I love you addition to the sleeves. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’ve only sewn 2 shirts for myself so far… one good and one…not so good. You’ve inspired me to try again and make more!


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