Gingercake patterns giveaway (closed)

 ***this giveaway is now closed, scroll down to see the winners!***

I have got a fabulous giveaway for you today! Gingercake has some of the cutest PDF patterns I’ve seen. Seriously adorable, I mean, you saw those duffel bags I made the girls, right? 

So fun! Some of the other patterns of hers I adore: 
Hobo Style Lunch Sak -I love how it ties at the top!
Crayon Art Folio-perfect for car trips and on the go.
 Lucky the Elephant pillow. those ears….Agh, so cute! this would be absolutely adorable in a nursery or playroom!
and the Notebook Slipcover. It says it right there: chic, simple, functional. Totally true!  

Gingercake is generously giving away a pattern package to 2 winners! 

They will get their choice of 4 patterns each. Score! ;D

How to enter: 

Head over to their site, browse around their patterns, then come back here and leave a comment mentioning at least one of the patterns you might pick if you win!

(PUH-lease leave your email address with your entry, mkay?)

I’ll pick a winner Sunday, July 17th, using 

Good luck!

and now!

 The winners are: 

Lara Petch

and sewok!

Congrats, girls, I’ll be emailing you soon. :)


  1. Lovely patterns! I’d pick “love your lunchbox” and “Crayon Art Folio” for sure :)

  2. I love Gingercakes patterns. I already have the crayon art folio but would love the duffel bag and birdie pattern.

  3. What lovely patterns! Spoilt for choice, but if I had to pick a couple of favourites it’d be the Katie Bird Pillow (would look perfect on my sofa with one of my cats snuggled up to it!) and the Love Your Lunchbox bag, which is so much more exciting to look at than my current brown hessian bag that I use!

  4. I would LOVE the art caddy pattern, among many others!!

  5. What cute patterns! I would choose the Lola The Owl Pillow Pattern (which I think is soo cute!), or the Make Your Getaway Duffle Pattern :)

  6. These are soooo cute! I would definitely pick the hobo lunch sack and the notebook cover :)

  7. So generous! Definately the duffle bag and the lunch sak for me!

  8. Love the Notebook Slipcovers and the Love Your Lunch Box! Great little set of patterns!

  9. They are adorable! I love Lola The Owl Pillow.

  10. I’d definitely get the Love Your Lunch Box. Such a great shape.

  11. I’ve already got some of Gingercakes patterns and can vouch for how fantastic they are. So if I won I would choose the Getaway Duffle bag in the hope that by the time I make them we might be able to get away for a holiday! Also the Art Caddy might help keep the mass of art materials tidy in this house.
    thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I’d seriously pick the lunch sack as I’m sick of chucking hubby’s lunches into plastic shopping bags!

  13. Ooh the duffle bag is gorgeous! If I don’t win I may have to spend some online pennies!

  14. Lovely patterns! My absolute favorite is the duffle bag!
    Love from TJ

  15. Love her patterns. Already have many of them. I need the duffle pattern and the elephant is very cute.

  16. I would definitely pick the art tote–so cute and functional!

  17. Loves the duffle bag pattern….thank you so much for such generous giveaway…..I am your blog follower….cheers from hueisei(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. I might pick the Art caddy,the lunch sak and the Getaway duffle. I love sewing something useful like those

  19. I love the notebook slipcover pattern – it would be great for the idea notebook I’ve been wantin to start!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to your fantastic link regarding the duffle bags you made I have actually just bought (and made) the love your lunch box. Patterns are fantastic. I would love to add the crayon art folio and duffle bag, actually most of the patterns to my collection.
    Thanks for a fantastic give away!

  21. I actually just pinned the duffle on Pinterest. I definitely want to make one for my trips to visit my parents!

  22. me encanta, me apunto

  23. Love the duffle bag. Would definitely make that.

  24. So generous!! I love so many but need the art caddy tote! Thanks to botth of you for the chance!

  25. I’m gonna need that lunch bag pattern! Very cute stuff!


  26. Do I really have to choose one or two of my favorites…they are so cute! I love the Crayon Art Folio and the Art Caddy Tote!


  27. I love the lunch bag patterns, and I’m especially fond of the duffle bag. In fact, they are all beautiful and I would like to have a go at making them all!
    Thanks for the great giveaway

    karen x

  28. I really like the Make Your Getaway Duffle. The On The Go Organizer and Notebook Slipcover are also patterns I’d also consider. Thanks for the givewawy !

  29. I love love them all. Bookmarking the page for sure. I love Lola The Owl Pillow. Slightly addicted to owls right now.

  30. I love the lucky elephant – I’ve been wanting to make one for my youngest daughter.

  31. I really like the “love your lunch box” and the “art caddy tote”. Man do they use some great fabrics too!

  32. I love the lucky elephant! Been looking for a pattern that I can make a gift for both boys/girls on their birthday! Love love love the ellie!

  33. All the patterns are so cute, but the owls are just right for my granddaughters’ rooms. I also like the duffle bag and the bird pillow.

  34. I love the Crayon Art Folio and the Art Caddy Tote!

  35. yay- great giveaway!
    I would love the art caddy tote pattern, crayon art folio, the love your lunch box pattern, and the katie bird pillow pattern!

  36. I have the on-the-go organizer pattern and made 3 this week as gifts. Really great pattern to have.
    I’d love to make the binder slipcover and lunch sacks for my teens for back to school! :)

  37. I want them ALL! But I think I’d have to pick Max the Owl, the Make Your Getaway Duffle (which I could’ve used for this weekend!), the Crayon Art Folio and hte Art Caddy Tote.

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  38. I want them all! But, if I had to pick just one, maybe the art portfolio? It’s awesome! Or, the duffel bags…

  39. I’ve been eying the Art Caddy Tote for an upcoming birthday gift. Would LOVE to win this!!! Thanks for the chance!

    (email linked to profile) :)

  40. I love the art caddy!


  41. Holy Cuteness! I love these patterns! I’d pick the max the owl and the katie bird pillows. They would look awesome on my guest bed! And every girl needs some cute pillows in her life!


  42. Anonymous says:

    ooooh! Decisions, decisions…..the Katie bird pillow, not for me you understand but my little girl.
    oh, ok then yes…it would be for me too!!
    Thanks my lovely,

  43. I love all the patterns but I would like the crayon art portfolio and the art caddy! I think the caddy would help my 3 year old artist keep her supplies a bit more organized. :)

  44. Definitely lucky…and the getaway duffel :) jones(dot)amanda(dot)

  45. I love the art caddy, my grandkids will too! Please enter me!

  46. Great giveaway! The lunchbox is adorable and would get a TON of use around our house! Email in profile :)

  47. I’ve looked at the notebook cozy easily a dozen times! That would be my pick for sure!

  48. I would definitely choose the duffle bag but how sweet is that Lola Owl! Too cute!

  49. i LOVE all the animals… but especially MAX THE OWL!
    – gabby
    gabriellecato at gmail dot com

  50. Anonymous says:

    I would pick the note book organizer and the crayan art folio,
    Thanks for the giveaway Cindy
    cindy3935(@)sbcglobal dot net

  51. I REALLY love the Crayon Art Folio, because it would be perfect for my daughter to use in the car. But I’d also love the notebook cover for myself. 😀

  52. The duffel bag would be my number one pick!


  53. I love the Art Caddy Tote and the Lunch Box. Perfect “back to school” treats for my kids!

  54. I would {love} to get my hands on the notebook slipcover. I love notebooks almost as much as I love fabric. I would also enjoy sewing some hobo lunch saks.

  55. I love them all!! the duffel bag is a must! and the art caddy is great!
    thank you!

  56. The love your lunch pattern is adorable!

    mrstammys *at* hotmail *dot* com

  57. I love the Hobo Style Lunch Sak, and I recently saw that there is a new mini version of the Crayon Art Folio that is adorable. Great giveaway opportunity!


  58. Definitely the art caddy, and probably one of the lunch bags, and that elephant, so cute!

  59. I ‘heart’ Gingercake patterns. My daugther is starting kindergarten this fall and I would love to make her the “Love Your Lunch” bag.

  60. I love them all,but my favorites are the art caddy tote and the katie bird pillow!

  61. I LOVE the Notebook Slipcover! I’ve been meaning to try one, and using a proven pattern would definitely be better than winging it!! Thanks for the giveaway! j-j-s AT juno DOT com

  62. Fabulous giveaway! I am in the process of organizing my kids’ art table and would love to get the art caddy pattern:)

  63. Art Caddy tote for sure!

  64. My little girl is with crayons everywhere. I would like the crayon art folio. Tks.
    My email:

  65. I’d have to make the duffel. I’ve loved Gingercakes’ duffel for forever! cltrash at ymail dot com

  66. ohmygosh… I love the art caddy tote and the Katie Bird… I really love them all!

  67. Having trouble just picking four. Love them all and will be using some in the near future.

  68. I love ginger cake’s patterns, I’ve made several craft totes using her pattern. I would love to make a get away duffle.

  69. I love the hobo lunch bag and the cute owl!

  70. I LOVE the Lola Owl Pillow. That’d be the one!

  71. I love all their patterns but I would definitely choose the duffle bag so I could make it for my daughter.

  72. Oh, fun! I would pick that adult and children duffel and the Max the Owl pattern – so cute! What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  73. I’d probably pick the Lola the Owl Pillow pattern because I love owls, or maybe the Katie Bird pattern – so cute!

  74. Love her patterns!! I would pick the hobo lunch or the duffle bag pattern.

  75. The Hobo Lunch Bag (above) or the Love your Lunch Bag are so cute. I can picture some fun fabric for those for my daughter. Thanks for doing this! sewcando(at)yahoo(dot)com

  76. Tough choice but I can’t go past the elephant, how cute is that!
    vikkionline@optusnet dot com dot au

  77. I love the duffle bags but the stuffed elephant is also so cute.
    mnrridgeway at gmail dot com

  78. I’d pick the owl pattern. So cute! :)

  79. Those duffel bags are ah-mazing!!! Love them and would make tons!


  80. How to choose? I would love the Crayon Art Folio or the Note book Cover. Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. I would definitely make the duffle bag for my little one.

  82. oh my gosh! the owl pillows and that elephant!!! I want to make all of them :)

  83. Wow what great patterns. I love the Max the Owl.. But all of them are so great. What a great giveaway.


  84. I forgot to leave my email – rawenzel(at)verizon(dot)com

  85. oh, I love Max the Owl and the Art Caddy perfect for my little one!


  86. Max the owl is super cute! But then the duffle bag pattern is cute and practical! Oh the inhumanity of choosing between cute and practical!!!!

  87. The art caddy tote and the duffle bag for sure! I would have to think about the other two!
    myzoebug (at) ix.netcom (dot) com

  88. I like Lola the Owl and the Hobo lunch bag! Thank you for the giveaway.
    babyfickas at gmail dot com

  89. Very hard to choose! But I would be tempted by the Lucky the Elephant, Love your Lunchbox and the Crayon Art Portfolio ones. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Oooh, I LOVE the art caddy tote! And I like all the lunch bags…my girl is going to be in 1st grade this year, and I have a feeling she’s going to want to bring a lunch, so I’ve been looking at all the sweet lunch bag ideas for awhile.


  91. I just started back on sewing and love reading your tutorials!
    I’d love to start on the Duffle bag pattern!

  92. I would totally pick the duffel bag. It looks like something I could handle, lol, and it’s so adorable!!!! My other choice might be the lunch sack – kinda needing a new one….

  93. thanks for the giveaway! i would love the love your lunchbox pattern. :)

  94. I love the Getaway Duffel pattern…I really need a new travel bag!

    trishagood at gmail dot com

  95. Hoping to win, I would pick the art caddy tote, canvas art folio, lucky the elephant and max the owl patterns. Thanks for a chance to win.

  96. I’ve had my eye on their Art Caddy & crayon art folio for a while :)

  97. i love all of these, and even have a couple – but i would love to add more, especially the make your getaway duffle!

  98. Kathryn mccamley says:

    Love the max the owl Pillow!


    Kathryn at

  99. I love all the patterns! but If I win I’ll pick “love your lunchbox” and “Crayon Art Folio”.
    my email is anabelsu{at}yahoo{dot}es
    my website is

  100. Love the duffle bag and art portfolio! I’d have to make one of each for both my kids! Thanks.


  101. Neat!
    I would go for Lola to owl, the love you lunch box pattern, the art caddy tote and the bird.

    These are neat patterns- thanks for introducing them to me.

  102. I love the Crayon Art Folio and the on the go organizer!


  103. i love that little elephant, and just happen to have a little niece/nephew due any day that i cant help but sew for. i think the little one needs an elephant! :)

  104. Love the Art Caddy tote!

    montreuils6 at aol dot com

  105. Katie Bird is a must!

  106. I love the bird pillow & the owls too!


  107. Crayon Art Folio. I really want to make one of these.

  108. Max & Lola definitely need to join my family — so cute!! The art caddy looks really handy for lots of things besides art supplies, too.

  109. The duffel bags and the owls are so stinkin cute (as well as everything else)!!!

  110. I love the art caddy tote for my daughter, so cute! Though I’d probably choose the duffel since we’re traveling so much this summer.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!


  111. How to pick just one! I love, love, love the owl pillow, bird pillow, hobo lunch bag and duffel bag!

  112. Loved the Getaway Duffel bags, I would pick this one too! sorainima (at) gmail (dot) com

  113. I love the Lola the Owl pattern

  114. The duffle bags are just what we are looking for to schlep stuff here and there…



    dearchristene at hotmail dot com

  115. These are soooo cute. I totally love the duffel bags. I really hope I win!!

  116. Wauw!What a graet Give – Away! I love to join this. I like the love your lunchbox and the Art caddy Tote pattern… I love all off them!!!!


  117. Jessica Mangrum says:

    I really like the notebook slip cover and with school starting up soon, I can make some for my son to ease up the destruction of notebooks. I also like the owl pattern. Something whimsical to add in the nursery.

    Thanks for all of the cute ideas.

  118. I’d definitely choose the “Love your lunchbox” pattern and the “Make Your Getaway Duffle” and probably the “Katie Bird Pillow” because my 3 year old is standing next to me and is begging me to make her the bird pillow. LOL.

    thalia {at}rynet D0t c0m

  119. hurst_maggie @

    I love the duffle bag pdf and the on the go organizer— pretty cool ideas.

  120. Love that duffel!! emmillee(At)gmail(dot)com

  121. I love the duffel bags you made for your girls, I’d pick the notebook pattern to pretty up by daily to-do binder.

  122. I love the art caddy, I think DD would love it too! And I MUST have lucky the elephant! My bestie is having a baby boy in dec and she is doing an elephant themed nursery. He is perfect!! Maybe the Katie bird pillow for his big sister, Katie too…


  123. love the duffel bag
    art caddy tote
    crayon folio
    and love your lunchbox 😀

    fruitlooplexi at gmail dot com

  124. I have several lunch bags, but who wouldn’t want a variety of stylish lunch bags to choose from. The Waste Free Lunch Bag is adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  125. I love the crayon folio and the duffle bag!
    smooze13 (at) aol (dot) com

  126. I especially love the “Love Your Lunchbox” and the notebook cover. Too cute!

  127. I like the Crayon Art Folio. That would be great to take with my DD when we are out. If only I could get her to stop eating crayons!
    reggity at sbcglobal dot net

  128. Anonymous says:

    I love the “Crayon Art Folio” and the “Hobo Style Lunch Sak”…it’s so cute…

  129. These are very cute patterns…by request of the oldest daughter, I’d choose the Art Caddy Tote & the Katie Bird pillow :)

  130. Wow! Great timing! I just got on my computer to buy some patterns from Gingercake. Now, I will wait to see if I win (if not, I’ll be making a wonderful purchase soon after :) )

    My favorites are the duffel bags, the art caddy (which I will put in the car for my kids’ toys and crafts), the art folio and the birdie pillow! I love them all!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    ekgatzke (at) gmail (dot) com

  131. I love the crayon folio. I always have crayons and paper floating around in the bottomless pit I call my purse. How nice to have her own crayon and paper holder. It would save my purse lining from being multicolored. HeHe

  132. I love the notebook cover, If I don’t win I will definately be coming back to order it !!!!

  133. My boys like crafts, so I think the Art Caddy Tote would be perfect for all the supplies. And…my sister is decorating her nursery with owls and Max the Owl and Lola the Owl would be perfect accessories.

  134. I love all of her patterns – I went right to her site when you posted about the duffel bags you made! Adorable! If I won, I’d probably pick that pattern. I also love the crayon folio and the art caddy tote. Oh man, she makes cute patterns!!! Thanks for the chance to win. jennifer(dot)hill82(at)gmail(dot)com

  135. Totally love the duffle bags! Amy @

  136. Wow, such cute patterns! I like the Love Your Lunch Box pattern and the Art Caddy Tote patterns. Too many good ones to really pick though! :)


  137. I love the art Caddy and the duffel bags! And that Elephant is just adorable!!

  138. Well, I already have the crayon folio and love it. So, I think I will have to go with the duffel bags!


  139. Love her blog and patterns!! I already have the crayon art folio and Lola the owl patterns, but would love the art caddy and on the go organizer! What an awesome giveaway!
    purplekoolaid (at) yahoo (dot) com

  140. The Max the Owl pillow would look so cute in my girls’ rooms (and a few of the others as well!). Would love to win! sarajspeight(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)nz

  141. Those all look like such cute projects! I love the lunchboxes, but I’m also tickled with that art caddy. All 3 of my little ones would LOVE one of those!

  142. Oh, decisions! Definitely the crayola art folio, the art caddy tote, the notebook slipcover, the hobo lunchbag, love your lunch box…or maybe just all of them!

  143. Lovely patterns:) My favourites are the crayon artfolio and notebook slipcover. Thank you for this give away!

  144. First of all I must say that I love your blog! Someone recently shared it with me and I am so grateful. Now on to the patterns.. I adore all things owl, the art folio would make car rides a breeze and the duffle bag is simply adorable.
    Thank you for such a fantastic blog and for the change to win such a great gift!

  145. Love the art caddy! With 3 kids and a dayhome, having LOTS of those would be soooo great! Abd organized :) Oh what a happy day that would be!

  146. Love the duffle bag pattern, would be really nice to making a “going to grandma’s” duffle for my girls!

  147. I loveee the duffel bag! So cute

  148. I really like the “hobo lunch sack” pattern!


  149. Isn’t it amazing how many people will click out of the reader onto the blogsite to leave a comment for a giveaway!!! I laugh everytime…because I do it!!

    I love every pattern, I think, but I have extra love for the bird pillow and notebook organizer…oh, and the hobo lunch bag!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  150. oh, and my email is:
    kellieblossom @ gmail . com

  151. I would love the art folio pattern to make for my daughter or the hobo lunch bag OR any of them! awesome!


  152. I love the art caddy! Thanks for a chance to win!
    kristinorth at mchsi dot com

  153. I love Lucky the Elephant; he’s so darn cute! My little boy would love that!


  154. I hope you don’t think I’m lazy and didn’t go to their website because I did! I really want to make duffel bags for my two kids for when I go away with my husband this november! Thank for the chance.

  155. We’re going away next month on our first family holiday so the duffel bag pattern would be very useful.

  156. the duffle would be interesting to have and sew!

    tamirlikestoread/at\g.m.a.i.l./doty/com i’m sure you can figure that out

  157. I really like the art folio and the duffle bag!

  158. i love the lunch sacks and the art caddy! the duffle would be so handy too…

  159. I love the Art Caddy Tote and the Duffle Bag!


  160. ute patterns. I could use the Art Caddy Tote, The Hobo Style Lunch Sak, The Duffle pattern would be neat to try and what about those owls. Aren’t both of those patterns cute? I might have trouble choosing!


  161. I love the art caddy and the Lunch Sak!!

    Have a great weekend!

  162. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  163. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  164. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  165. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  166. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  167. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  168. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  169. OOOH! I am a real journal nut and I just love that notebook slipcover ! Just sweet! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  170. Okay, I am so loving the owl bag. Mine (with the birdie thing) is a little small for a bag but ever since you made them for your daughter I have been considering it again. It would be such a toss up. Lucky they are giving away more than one. Score! Thanks for such a great giveaway.
    hoffmng(at)gmail(dot com)

  171. LOVE the crayon art folio!!!

  172. Anonymous says:

    I love the elephant pillow!

  173. The love your lunch box. I’d love to make my girls new lunch boxes before school starts.

  174. I’m loving the duffle and lunch sack.

    jessica (at) homfamily (dot) com

  175. ooooh….the owls are so cute and I need a good duffle bad.
    Sprekdog at yahoo dot com

  176. I love Lola the Owl, so cute!

  177. I like the love your lunch bag. I have been looking for a new lunch bag and want to make one.

  178. Ha, I just got the crayon folio from them. Going to make the mini one as favors for my son’s birthday party. But I also like the lunch sack and the art caddy.

  179. Anonymous says:

    love these…i’d definately go with the duffle bag! flying to UK from Aus with my two little girls in November, and these would be great for on the plane! email:

  180. The art caddy and duffle are super cute and fun! Would love to give those a whirl for my two little ones.

    jillrenee at charter dot net

  181. I would love to make an owl pillow with the Lola the Owl pattern. My sis loves owls and it would match her quilt perfectly that I made her last year! Plus my daughter could use a few fun art caddies or notebook covers!!!

  182. Oh, how cute. The caddy or the bag for sure!

    liz_froemming (at) hotmail (dot) com

  183. I would LOVE the notebook cover turorial…great gift for friends!!!


  184. Ooh, definitely the duffel bag pattern. I went over and looked at it on their site right after you showed off the ones you made for your girls and I’ve been itching to make one ever since. I hope I win! :)

  185. ooooo…Definitely Lola the Owl, and the duffle bag…but the other two would be hard. What a super fun giveaway!!

  186. I’d have to choose the art caddy tote!

  187. I would love the duffle bag and the lunch bag. :) I own a few of her patterns already and they arewonderful!

  188. I love the Love Your Lunch lunchbag pattern.

  189. Cute cute stuff! Hmmm, I think one of those lunch bags would be super cute along with that notebook cover and crayon organizer! I’m glad it’s for 4 patterns and not 1! That’s AWESOME!

  190. All are lovely, but would like to make standard The Waste Free Lunch Bag

  191. I LOVE the lunch bag and duffel bag!!! cherryvanilla222 (at) gmail (dot) com

  192. I am a huge Gingercake fan! I would love to finally have some birds of hers around!!

  193. Oh my goodness, which pattern don’t I want! Myfirst one might be the Art Caddy Tote!

  194. I really like the duffle bag and luck the elephant + the art caddy tote looks fantastic!!

  195. Hi, thanks for the giveaway ! I would love to have the On The Go Organizer. It will be really useful for me. joyenwen(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg

  196. I love the Lucky Elephant pattern. :) SO CUTE!!!
    thnx for the giveaway.

  197. Love the elephant!

  198. I love all the patterns, but I really would love to make the duffel bag!!!

  199. Anonymous says:

    I love the hobo style lunch sak.. So cute.

  200. I’d love them all, but especially the duffle bag and the On the Go Organizer. What a great giveaway. Such cool patterns!

  201. Cool giveaway! I would love Max the Owl for my Max!

  202. I like Lola the Owl or Lucky the Elephant. My daughter would love both of them!

  203. Kate the birdie! Hands down cutest thing. I ♥ it.


  204. Anonymous says:

    I would pick Love Your Lunch Box PDF Sewing Pattern. It’s awesome!!! Della

  205. Wow! What a hard decision. I’d definitely pick Max the Owl and the Art Caddy Tote.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  206. The bird pillow and crayon case for sure!
    selahmama4 at yahoo dot com

  207. They are all super cute! I would LOVE the duffel bag, or art folio pattern. They get my creative juices flowing!

  208. I agree with Superj! Which pattern don’t I want? I love the Duffel bag, Crayon Art Folio, the elephant and ……….. Thanks for a chance to win.

    esterling1923 at gmail dot com

  209. The on the go organizer and duffle bag :0) I like to travel


  210. Hi! You do the best giveaways! I would for sure get the Art Caddy and Love Your Lunchbox!!!

  211. So many cute ones!!! I would definitely get the Hobo Style Lunch Sak and the Lola the Owl Pillow :)

  212. Anonymous says:

    Oh my! Love, love, love the Art Caddy Tote!!! My daughter informed me that she ‘needed’ the Katie Bird and Lola the Owl pillows! :) :) :) Everything is so cute!!!


  213. really love the duffle bag!

  214. Oooh I love Lola the owl!

  215. I think the art caddy is super cute!! Would love to make them for my kids. Great patterns!

  216. I like the lunch bag and the duffle bag! I would love to make those for Tabitha for our trip to AZ in September!

  217. I have been wanting that duffel bag pattern for several months now! Hope I win!

  218. Close choice between the Hobo Lunch Sack or the duffle bag. Probably the lunch sack though. Getting in the mindset of back to school.

    iloveteaching (at) gmail (d0t) com

  219. LOVE the art caddy tote and the crayon folio!

    Thank you!


  220. I’ve had my eye on Lucky the elephant for a while. Little boy has been teething for the last six months. Maybe Lucky would be my lucky charm to get things back to normal!

    latent d0t hostility @t gmail d0tcom

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  224. Well, I already own the ‘love your lunch box’ pattern and the ‘art caddy’ pattern, but now I want the ‘on the go’ oragnizer. I love her stuff!

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  226. I would pick the lunch bag, the art caddy, and the crayon folio for sure. For the fourth I would probably pick one of the owls, they are just too cute!

  227. OOPS – forgot my email:

  228. thanks for the giveaway, my favs are the Duffle Bag and the Love your Lunch Box



  229. Maurine says:

    Love the crayon folio! My grandaughter keeps drawing materials with her at all times–the folio would be wonderful. The on the go organizer would make fabulous gifts.

  230. wow that is an awesome little shop! i love lola the owl and the duffel bags…the art caddy and organizer are also very sweet! what a cute cute place! myhedwig{at}gmail{dot}com

  231. Sooo cute. I have to make one of those duffle bags. I love the kid one with piping. Thanks

  232. I pretty much want to make them all (I have a thing for making lunch bags…)… but I REALLY want the duffle bag tutorial. Really.

  233. I think I would love the hobo lunch bag pattern. I’ve been looking for a new lunch bag! Thanks for the opportunity!

  234. OH! These are so fun! I like the On the Go Organizer a lot. I bet it would be great to leave in the car for jotting things down. :)

  235. Hello! Thanks for the Giveaway. I would love to make the art bag tote, and the elephant! =)

  236. All the patterns are adorable, but with my 3-year old heading off to preschool this fall, I am just in love with the love your lunch box and waste free lunch bag patterns!
    email in profile

  237. I have been dying to try some of her patterns!
    I really want to make the the LOLA OWL PILLOW and the KATIE BIRD PILLOW! and I totally want that duffle for my almost 2 year old!

  238. Cute patterns! I like the lunch box bag and the duffel bag. Thanks! Jhales_finance at yahoo dot com

  239. They’re all so great!!! My favorite would have to be the duffel bag!


  240. would pick love you lunchbox and the getaway bags :) – they’re lovelylovelylovely and I already have a perfect fabric for them 😉

  241. lorraine says:

    woh holy cuteness! i love the duffel bag pattern but the elephant and owl are also adorable!!

  242. Darling patterns. I love all of the lunch sacks and also the duffle bags it would be hard for me to choose if I won! Thanks for the great giveaway!


  243. OK, so that duffel is awesome, but I really love the art caddy too!

  244. I think if I had to pick the …
    Art Caddy Tote PDF Sewing Pattern
    would be my favorite!

    Although I really like the Notebook Slipcover & the Crayon Art Folio TOO!
    AHH, I hope I win! :)

  245. Love the hobo lunch sack, because my wee sadie has a dress and bunting from the same fabric already! good choice

  246. Love Gingercake!! I purchaed the art caddy tote and made a few for birthday presents last fall. So cute!! Love the art folio pattern and the owl pattens! :) Thanks!

  247. All the patterns are so cute-what a fun giveaway!! I love the max owl pillow and the duffels!

    Klineca AT gmail DOT com


  248. I love the elephant, but all of these patterns look like fun!

  249. They have some really cute patterns! I like several but the Hobo Lunch Sak is my favorite and the Birdie is a close second :) Thanks for the chance to win! AJ


  250. The Art Caddy and the ELephant are going to be must have projects for this house. My daughter has just discovered painting and drawing and must take her supplies with her everywhere! Thanks for the Giveaway.

  251. Anonymous says:

    Easy! With three budding artists it has to be the Crayon Art Folio! :-)


  252. I really like the duffle bag and it would be useful too. I also like Max the owl…not so useful…but so cute.

  253. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the kid’s duffle bag and the hobo lunch sack!

  254. We do a lot of traveling so I’d love the duffel bag and the crayon art folio


  255. The art caddy tote is ADORABLE!!! I also like the lunch bag!!! :)

  256. love the notebook slipcover

    karomi13 at hotmail dot com

  257. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful patterns! I love love love the art tote!

    Jenskarstedt at gmail dot com

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  260. I love the art caddy tote!!! It is soo cute!!

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    kimmieandbucky @ gmail . com

  262. If I had to choose….I think I’d choose the art caddy or maybe the hobo lunch sack, that’s super cute!

  263. Maurine says:

    The On the Go Organizer is super and the crayon folio would be great for a little artist in our family.

  264. I would love to make the crayon case for all of my nieces and nephews. I also love the on-the-go organizer!!! Thank you for the giveaway! scottandmeag at yahoo

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    Thanks for the giveaway.

  267. Thank you for the chance to win. I’d definitely pick the duffel bag, how handy would it be? Also the notebook covers would make the best Christmas presents.

  268. I’ve been eyeing the duffel and art folio patterns for ages now. I’ve already made the love your lunchbox, so I know how fab Virginina’s patterns are! cateoh(at)adam(dot)com(dot)au

  269. Definitely the duffel bag!!

  270. So many great patterns, I love the owl and being summer holidays I think a few duffle bags would go down well with the kiddie. Thanks israclodagh ( at) hotmail (dot) com

  271. I may be too late but I love the Make Your Getaway Duffle Children and Adult Sizes!


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  273. I love the duffle and the tir lunch bag-seeewwww CUTE!

  274. oops! I’m heather.k.long(at)gmail(dot)com!

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    Thank you for such a great giveaway.
    vburr at charter dot net

  276. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE to make the Katy Bird pillow!!! Is it ok that I’d like to make one for MY bed, and not just my kiddos??

  277. lovely giveaway…love them all but most of all the lola owls…thx for the oppertunity…Hilla.

  278. I love the notebook covers and bird pillow!

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  280. We’re about to go on our first family holiday so the duffel bag and art caddy are a must!

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  283. omg they are all so cute!
    I would really like the elephant pillow pattern. My friend if having a baby in Sept. and his room is a jungle theme. This would be great!

  284. I love Gingercake patterns! I really like all of her lunch bags. I just ruined my lunch bag and am in need of a new one. But I just can choose which style! Heh heh!

  285. i hope i’m not too late!

    i’d pick the notebook slipcover (and lots of others!)

    erynne at gmail dot com :)

  286. I have been wanting that lucky elephant But even better, I get 4!!!! Max Owl, lunch box and the Notebook cover!!

  287. I’ve had my eye on the Art Caddy for a while now!

  288. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the notebook slipcover! And I would love to make the crayon carrier for my daughter! SO cute.

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